Dallas Wedding Videography Captures Anna & Ben’s Wedding

Anna and Ben’s Wedding on Dallas Wedding Videography

Lovely Afternoon Ceremony and Reception at Dallas Arboretum

Anna and Ben chose the beautiful Dallas Arboretum for their May wedding. The bright sunshine-filled day melted away into a warm Texas night full of music and laughter as family and friends celebrated the joyous occasion.

The graceful bride was a former Miss Texarkana. In her sleek trumpet gown was lovelier than the blooms in the glorious garden. Her strapless satin gown with its straight neckline hugged her sleek profile. Her tiny waist was highlighted by a satin ribbon with a crystal buckle. The tulle veil, trimmed in scalloped lace, fell to the same length as the cathedral train of her gown. She carried a large bouquet of pastel peonies.

Anna and her bridal party waited for the ceremony in the shade of a graceful arbor. As she approached her groom, she passed the reflecting infinity pool in A Women’s Garden, where it seemed the statue of the contemplative female turned to admire the bride. Across the lawn, Ben waited with the minister and the base of cascading fountains. Live strings were playing.

The emotional impact of the vows ruffled the bride, who had seemed so serene just moments before. She tripped over words and struggled to remember phrases, until she turned to Ben, who was sending her encouragement with his smile.

When the ceremony was over both the bride and groom relaxed, playfully bantering back and forth as the photographer put them through their paces. Then everyone congregated in a nearby courtyard, next to the Loggia for the energetic reception with live band and photo booth.

The wedding cake was a multi-tiered confection, surrounded by real peonies, trimmed with pink ribbon and topped off with hand-crafted sugar peonies. After cutting the cake and feeding each other a bite, the couple moved to the dance floor for their first dance and dances with their parents. After the formal spotlight dances were through, the band, Tenacity, warmed up the crowd and everyone came to the dance floor. Laura Schhindler of L’events (link) produced an outstanding event.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

Anna and Ben’s outdoor wedding was a lot of fun and we had to utilize many of our videography skills. Take the bright sunshine for instance. While it made for a splendid wedding, it also created a situation in which Anna could have disappear into a shiny white blur – if our videographers hadn’t known exactly how to record the scene. Then after the sunset, there was the opposite problem and without the proper lighting, instead of happy figures rocking out to the sounds of the band, all that viewers would be able to see is dark shadows. During this video we can appreciate Anna’s warm smile, during the ceremony and on the dance floor.

We also had to take special care to get the audio right. Since the couple stood right in front of the cascading fountains during the ceremony, the words of their vows could have been lost in the sounds of water. We put a wireless microphone onto the groom to get every precious word of their vows, as well as the light-hearted banter during the photos.

Two sets of microphones were used to capture the sounds of the live strings. On the video there is no hint of the wind or the water.

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