Dallas Event Videographer Records Joy and Sorrow

Dallas Event Videographer For All Your Important Moments

The phenomena of selfies has changed us.  We send each other photos and videos with our smartphones and social media all the time.  Visual media is expected whether you’re bragging on your kids or trying out a new restaurant.

Even with all this self-provided coverage, professionally produced videos are in great demand.  We started our business with wedding videography, but it’s not all we do.  If you need a professionally produced video for personal events, sporting events, recitals or business, this Dallas Event Videographer is here for you.  In fact, we’re discovering that as the popularity of videos grows, the demand for our service is also growing and the list of types of events we cover also grows.

Why Choose a Professional?

As the popularity of video has increased, the technology for it has improved and the cost of the technology has gone down so you many wonder why you’d need a professional videographer in the first place.  Well, here are a few reasons:

  1. Utilizing a professional videographer frees up your friends, family and guests from having to be responsible for running the video camera and the finished product will have a more polished look to it because of the videographer’s equipment and experience.
  2. Professional-grade cameras produce a higher quality video than consumer grade cameras, because of their increased zoom capabilities and other features.  In addition, LeniCam has custom-designed proprietary cameras to perform specialized tasks
  3. A professional videographer provides special lighting to increase the quality of what you see in the video.  Too much light and not enough light are both degrade your viewing experience.
  4. A professional videographer brings a suite of audio equipment to capture sound.  Mics on the camera will pick up ambient sounds.  Wireless mics pick up specific conversations.  Direct feed captures clean audio from a venue’s own sound system.
  5. A professional videographer will provide peripheral equipment like tripods and dollies in order to enhance their capability to capture action.
  6. A professional videographer will edit and mix video and audio to create a Hollywood-like appearance to your event.
  7. A professionally produced video will be customized to match your event, from cover art to chapter headings to alternate tracks.

Capturing Joy. Creativity, Excellence and Sorrow

Life has many seasons and so does videography.  We’re hired to share in the joy of weddings, mitzvahs, quinceneras,birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other happy occasions.  Our cameras also celebrate creativity as we record dance recitals, musical events, dramatic presentations and other artistic endeavors.  A list of all the excellence we capture on playing fields and in arenas would be a long one.  It would include team sports like lacrosse, soccer, football and baseball, as well as individual endeavors like fencing, karate and golf.  Another type of excellence we record is professional excellence, in training and promotional films.

Unfortunately life also has sorrows and in recent years we’ve noticed more and more families are hiring us for funerals and memorial services.  Though sadness accompanies death, these services are a summary of well-lived lives.  They are also the gathering of family and friends, just like a wedding or birthday.  The memories from these events are just as important as the memories created at happier occassions.

Whatever your event, LeniCam is ready with the equipment, people and experience to create a video you will cherish.  Call us now to discuss your upcoming event.

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