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Dallas VideographerOn Your Wedding Day Dallas Videographer Does More Than Record Images

A wedding doesn’t happen by itself.  Whether you’re depending on friends and family to pull things together or a professional wedding coordinator to direct an army of vendors, your wedding day will require some concerted effort – and perhaps a little magic.  The last thing you need to worry about is your Dallas Videographer.  That’s where our twelve years of experience come in handy.

We Know What You Want

Before we ever show up for a wedding, we sit down with the bride (or her representative) and get the details of the wedding.  Our contract will outline the specifics and special situations, but it goes deeper than that.

Our experience has taught us weddings have a rhythm.  Regardless of language, tradition, religion, ethnicity or location, we know weddings well enough to know what to expect in most situations and even if we’re wrong, we know how to adjust on the fly.  If the weather betrays you, an important guest fails to show or a vendor drops the ball, it won’t stop us from creating a video you will love.

We Anticipate What You’ll Need

As we watch your wedding unfold, we often recognize a potential problem before anyone else does and this allows us to save many wedding days.  Here’s some of the situations we’ve helped out with:

  • Several photographers have told brides they prefer to work with ambient light, but then they arrive at a venue and realize there’s not enough ambient light for high quality photographs.  Then the lights on our video cameras come in handy.
  • We’ve seen djs who arrive without their microphone or a speaker.  We’ve helped out several time with one of ours.
  • Many vendors use battery powered equipment and when those batteries run out unexpectedly, we’ve provided a new one from the stock we carry.
  • Sometimes even the wedding coordinator or a parent will lose track of the bride and groom.  Often we’re the ones who can find the couple, because we’re monitoring the microphones.

Those are just a few of the opportunities we’ve had to save the day and rescue a wedding before a derailment.

We Capture It All

A wedding has more going on than one set of eyes can see.  Even if the entire wedding takes place in one small venue, things happen simultaneously in various locations throughout the site.  We’ve worked on some weddings that were spread out all across town.  Many brides help us see more by contracting with us for multiple videographers, but even if there is only one of us, our familiarity with the rhythm of weddings allows us to follow the action from one place to another.

And eyes aren’t all you’ll need to capture the day.  We also capture the sounds of your wedding.  The music, the vows, the toasts, the well wishes – even the sounds of dancing fountains, chirping birds and laughing children.  What’s even more important is that we know how to mix that sound into your video, so that it enhances the experience rather than drowning out everything else.

We Customize It For You

After spending the day at your celebration we have hours of audio and video.  We’ll spend the ensuing weeks refining what we recorded and turning it into a wedding video you will love.  Just to make sure we’ll send you a proof, so you’ll have a say concerning the finished product.  We’ll even customize the cover, the disc and the menu of your video.  When you’re through it is uniquely yours.

There’s more we could tell you about our process, but we’d love to sit down with you and discuss it.  Please give us a call now and set up your appointment.

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