Dallas Event Videos – How Many Cameras

Dallas Event Videos

Dallas Event Videos look even better when recorded with multiple cameras.

Why Two Cameras Are Better Than One in Dallas Event Videos

The Magic of Media

There’s magic in media.  Selfies, Instagram and You Tube – these internet tools have transformed our lives.  A small device we can carry in our pocket has changed the way we share and remember our experiences.  Professionally produced Dallas Event Videos can supercharge these memories for special occasions.

Your smartphone is a media tool.  A professional videographer arrives at your event with an entire arsenal of media tools.  LeniCam videographers use professional grade HD cameras to capture the action which provides incredible clarity and quality, but they also bring an arsenal of other tools with them – tripods, microphones and lights, for instance.

Tripods hold the camera to remove any shaky scenes.  Microphones pick up various feeds of sound, so audio seems as natural as the original event.  The right light removes shadows from faces.  These are just a few of the tricks of the trade a professional videographer uses at an event.

The Magic of Professional Editing

After we’ve recorded an event we go back to our studios and start the production phase.  To do this right will take several weeks of work.  First we look at all the video footage, cutting out what shouldn’t be there.  Awkward moments, slips of the tongue, suspension of activity – all that goes away.  We’ve even edited out the evidence that a bride forgot to spit out her chewing gum.

Then we mix the sound to the audio track.  We use live music, recorded music and the various live and ambient recordings to underline the action on the screen.  We also remove distracting ambient sounds like traffic, a cell phone or a fussy baby.  The result is Dallas Event Videos that bring the magic of Hollywood movies to your special events.

The Magic of a Second Camera

When a second camera is used to record an event the magic quotient is multiplied geometrically.  On a wedding video, for instance, the moment the doors open and the bride is revealed in all her wedding day glory is one of the most important moments of the video.  With a second camera, the video is also going to include the groom’s reaction to that once-in-a-lifetime moment.  A single camera can pan back and forth, but it cannot capture both at the same time.

Weddings aren’t the only place a second camera can work magic.  Imagine a high school drama presentation.  With one camera, the lens would be focused on center stage and the static view can get boring, no matter how excellent the acting.  With multiple cameras, one camera can capture the action center stage, while another captures close-up, entrances, exits and activity on other parts of the stage.  When all these video feeds are taken back to the studio, it allows the producer to re-create a very natural, exciting and easy to watch experience.

These are just a couple of examples of the magic of multiple cameras used in Dallas Event Videos.  Contact LeniCam today to discover other methods we can use to enhance the memories of your special occasion.

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