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WeddingWire Reviews!

From Monica: They were quick and professional, half the time I forgot they were there, and the final result was worth every penny! So glad to have done this it was so much fun to see things we missed during all the excitement!

From Callie:  Video was better than I could have even imagined! Loved that my husband had a microphone on the whole time, I am now able to see and hear everything. I would recommend their services to anyone that asked. The 2 men that were there were so great to work with! Thank you for everything!

From Sarah and Josh: We used LeniCam Video Productions for our wedding in March 2014. We had a wonderful experience working with John and his crew. They are professional and very detailed-oriented during the planning process. We received our video back in a timely manner and were extremely happy with the outcome of our video. The quality of the video and audio are impeccable! They captured all the moments that were special to us and moments that we didn’t know happened. One special thing LeniCam does is that they ask all of the wedding guests to give a well wish to the bride and groom on camera. My grandfather was able to attend my wedding and gave a well wish. Three weeks later, he passed away. Without LeniCam, I would not have that special memory to go back and watch! We highly recommend them-100%! 

From Randy:  ”I can’t say enough about LeniCam Video Productions. After an exhaustive search of video production companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area we decided upon LeniCam. We were not disappointed in the least. John was the most flexible of all owners we dealt with and it was evident he was more interested in getting just what we wanted rather than having us to conform to some sort of set package he advertised. 

I am very selective about video as I do many of my own productions and was previously over a video production unit at a previous job I held. I know what it takes to produce a highly polished product so I looked very carefully at who we selected. LeniCam was an obvious choice and they were so far and above the others I considered that it wasn’t even a contest. 

There is so much that goes on during a wedding/reception that you simply can’t remember it all. After watching our preview copy of the finished product we laughed and cried as there were so many priceless moments that John captured, many we didn’t even realize had occurred. 

I just knew that there was going to be many things I wanted changed before watching the preview copy of our DVD. However, I couldn’t find one thing to suggest. LeniCam’s commitment to quality, value, and customer service is outstanding. I assure you the finished product you will receive will be something you won’t regret. 

I highly recommend this firm for weddings or any other special occasion you may have. You will simply not regret selecting them!”


From Olabisi and Dara:  ”John Lenihan (LeniCam Productions) is a great videographer, possibly one of the best you can get in the Dallas area. I rarely write reviews but after experiencing much satisfaction from John’s work and seeing how much our families love our wedding videos, it will be a disservice not to review John’s work for the great job he did at my wedding. Nothing makes a groom happier than professional service that keeps your bride happy all through your wedding day and yes, my wife and I were both delighted at John’s services on our wedding day. A number of reasons make John’s services awesome: 

1. Diverse experience: We are Nigerians and we wanted a videographer who would capture all the uniqueness of our culture in our wedding. Our first meeting with John showed that he has worked with couples and crowds of diverse cultures. Our wedding video by John justified his ability to fully meet our expectations. Our families loved the videos. 

2. Almost Invincible: While recording, John was completely out of the way of people, almost invincible. Yet, he recorded the video at great angles and with awesome voice clarity, capturing lots of details and editing the video to best tell our story. 

3. Chapters: The final DVD was made in chapters, telling stories of my wife, myself and our wedding day. Finding specific events in the video is so easy, it makes watching it fun and convenient for everyone. Our families love the videos. 

4. Value and Flexibility: John is very easy to work with. He patiently answered all our questions and gave us a package thatmatched our budget. Even, after the videos were completed and we considered some additional options, he is ready to work with our budget. I will confidently say, John loves what he does and he seems the type who would never compromise the value he can offer. 

My wife and I are satisfied with John’s service and we consider this an additional blessing.”


From Byron: “LeniCam completely made our event so special! As any good videographer, he guided us through each shot as we did our traditional poses. But, what really sets LeniCam apart is what we didn’t expect. We had a whole series of shots that he just invented to include the beauty of our wedding location. He took us around the property – posing us all over for some amazing shots incorporating all of the natural beauty. And, when we got the DVDs to review – we were just so happily surprised. There were so many shots where we exclaimed – “Wow – I never even saw him standing over there”. While we were focusing on enjoying the time – we completely trusted LeniCam to handle every detail and we were absolutely overwhelmed.”

From Erin: I was very pleased with John Lenihan from LeniCam Productions. We set out intending to not spend a ton on our videographer and initially had a hard time finding someone that would just do a simple recording of only our ceremony for a reasonable price. I feel like LeniCam was incredibly reasonably priced and did an excellent job for what we wanted. His presence on the wedding day was involved and pleasant without being intrusive. I did not even notice his presence during the actual ceremony, which is what you want, really. He stayed behind the scenes when he needed to be, and provided us with beautiful DVDs to remember our ceremony by. I also appreciated how friendly he was and genuinely excited he seemed to be a part of our wedding. Thank you for a beautiful way to remember our wedding!

 From Charbel:John was amazing in the way he responded to our emails and communication is a key to a successful video for the wedding and we appreciated that a lot he was punctual and very very professional.”

 From Nancy:  ”My daughter was not sure she wanted a video of her wedding. I contacted John and went ahead and had him video the day. The finished product is great. The newlyweds are now so glad they have the video. The day to them was a blur. The video is a great reminder of all that happened and everyone that was there. John and his partner were very professional and captured the day in all its greatness.”
From Gina: “He was professional and friendly did an awesome job at the wedding and reception. The Dvd was so beautiful and captured the true feelings and celebration of the day. I was extremely happy with his work and love watching my daughters special day over and over.”
From Marie:  ”We loved the video, he did a wonderful job. I would definitely recommend him to anyone, for any special event.”
From Rose:  ”John and his wife Sue filmed our daughter’s wedding last summer and we were/are thrilled with the final product! The quality of the film is wonderful, the editing is perfect, and all for a reasonable price!!! John and Sue were both extremely professional and they were never, ever intrusive in any way. We didn’t even know they were there!!! We were able to view the video to make any edits we wanted before receiving the final product. I would highly recommend LeniCam Video Productions and we will never hesitate to use them again!”
From Leo: “This vendor was extremely professional.”
From Doubletlbranchbride: “This company is INCREDIBLE! I had viewed a few video’s from many other companies and he had the best DVD’s! He was flexible and then even sends you a DVD to view and edit anything you want before the final copy!!! We loved the guy that came that day to video, very professional and not in the way, but got all the right shots! YOU will be completely satisfied with this company! :) “
From Dwayne and Theresa:  “We were very pleased with the professionalism and the flexibility provided. We received excellent customer service and were very pleased with our product. Thank you.”
From Joanna – “LeniCam did an amazing job at capturing every moment of my wedding day! But, sometimes you don’t want to watch every detail on video and you don’t want to fast forward to where you think something happened. LeniCam does a great video that allows you to choose scenes of your wedding. He puts the very songs played at your wedding into the video. The final product is so special and great! LeniCam did such a good job, my family asked him to do my sisters weddings in AUSTIN and HOUSTON. He was that good we wanted him to travel. Obviously, we would recommend!”
From Kelly – This was a great video. Very professional and great quality. Loved it!”
Anonymous Reviews:
  • “Friendly, professional videographer. Especially loved the detail and concern taken to edit the final video to exactly what we wanted.”
  • Beautiful Video!!! Better then I could have ever Dreamed of.”
  • Great service. Fast return of video.”
  • Very easygoing and professional. Great people!”
  • “Great job, overall!!!! Very pleased with the quality and results of the videos!!!!! Highly recommended!!!!!!!”
  • Will choose this vendor again if i need to for an event!
  • This vendor was extremely professional.
  • “LeniCam Video Productions provided the exact services I (the bride) asked for. Not only were they extremely professional on the day of my wedding, but they also provided me a proof of my wedding video soon after. After my initial review, I wanted to change some of the music and cut out some of the dancing. LeniCam Video Productions made it happen. I will always recommend them to friends, family and/or future brides.”
  • John did an excellent job with my video. The service was great and very punctual. He is also very flexible and is a great guy. 🙂 I would recommend him.”
  • We were very pleased with the professionalism and the flexibility provided. We received excellent customer service and were very pleased with our product. Thank you.”
  • I had a great experience working with the people from LeniCam. While our video did not turn out as professionally edited/perfect as some wedding videos I have seen, I got exactly what I wanted out of the deal. I have great footage of the day with great sound of everyone’s voices. For the price we paid, we are very happy with what we got.”

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