Wedding Videographer Dallas Says You’ll Have a Great Wedding Video

The Thrill of the Day:  Wedding Videographer Dallas Says, “No Matter What, You’ll have a Great Wedding Video”

Here’s a promise we make to all our brides: No matter what happens during your wedding day, both good and bad, from beginning to end – you’re going to love your wedding video. How can we make that promise? Allow us to explain.

We Record a Lot of Video Footage

LeniCam Video Productions, Wedding Videographer Dallas, will arrive at least an hour and a half before the ceremony and shortly after we arrive we’re ready to start shooting. We offer a variety of packages, so the actual number of cameras and camera people will vary, but our mission doesn’t. We work to be everywhere, see everyone and record everything – and remain virtually invisible while we do it.

We Tape a Lot of Audio Recordings

During our set-up, we’ll hook up to the venue’s audio feed, put a wireless mic on the groom and go through the order of the service to make sure that everyone who will be speaking as a part of the ceremony will be recorded. We take extra care to insure the music and musicians you’ve selected will be captured.

If we’re a part of your reception, we take down the equipment from the ceremony while your still photographs are being taken and then hurry to the reception site and set everything up again. When the reception starts, we’ll have set up our audio feeds and microphones to do the same thing for the reception activities.

We Spend a Lot of Time in the Studio

With so much recorded, we have plenty to choose from when we get back to the studio. We pick the very best moments from your wedding and piece them together into a visual feast, which tells the story of your wedding day just the way you wanted it to be. If there were wardrobe malfunctions, they disappear. Any awkward expressions vanish. Embarrassing mishaps? Erased! All you’ll see is the wedding you imagined in your mind all along.

Just as much time is devoted to the audio track. The beautiful music you selected will be interwoven with the magical moments of your ceremony. If the splashing of a fountain kept your guests from hearing your vows, those words will be on the video. We’ll also tame the fountain’s noise down to a pleasant background sound. If a train came by your outdoor reception just as the best man made his toast, the train will be minimized in your video.

Aperfect example of what we can do is the video of an outdoor ceremony which was rained out moments after the first set of parents lit their candle for a unity candle observance. Everyone ran inside and we just kept filming. Soon the second set of parents lit their candle inside the venue. The transition was so seamless no one realized what we’d done until we asked them if they liked the way we had handled the interruption on the video.

We Sweat the Small Stuff So You Don’t Have To

LeniCam can’t promise you that your wedding day will be perfect, but we can promise that your wedding video will be. Call us now at 972-978-0446 or email to set up your videography appointment.

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