Elizabeth & Michael at the Adolphus Hotel

Elizabeth and Michael’s Wedding at the Adolphus Celebrates Jewish Traditions

“Elizabeth always wished for the best,” said the bride’s father, “so Michael, you are the best.”   The bride’s smile confirmed her father’s toast.   Elizabeth and Michael were married in a beautiful Jewish ceremony at the Adolphus Hotel, followed by a joyful reception.

Elizabeth was a stunning bride in her drop-waist satin ball gown with crystals and beading on the bodice and pick-ups on the skirt.  Her strapless, sweetheart bodice with corset-closing complimented her curves.  A satin belt with crystal decorations accented her waist.   Her enchanting smile and pixie-ish features peeked from beneath her fingertip-length tulle veil trimmed in crystals.  She carried a beautiful bouquet of jewel-toned flowers to which she’d affixed photo charms of beloved family members.

The couple embraced their Jewish heritage with many traditions.  To demonstrate a beautiful soul and character are more important physical attributes, they held a Bradehen before the wedding ceremony, where the groom covered the bride with her veil.  Then the couple signed the wedding contract.  The vows took place under a chuppah to symbolize the home the two would share.  When Elizabeth approached Michael under the chuppah, she circled him seven times to symbolize the building of their relationship.

Before the Bradehen, a nervous Michael fidgeted as he waited for a First Look at his gorgeous bride.  After the wedding ceremony was over, the jitters were behind him and he led his bride in a graceful First Dance, dipping her skillfully at the end.  After dancing with her new husband, Elizabeth danced with her father, as tears streamed down her face.

Elizabeth wore two garters under her beautiful gown.  One was for tossing and sported a Dallas Mavericks logo.  Another keepsake garter was decorated with a crystal basketball.  When it came time for Elizabeth to toss her bouquet, she and some of her female guests conspired to get it to the most senior of the single women.

The high point of the reception was a gleeful Hora.  The crowd eagerly lifted the newlywed couple and their parents into the air in chairs as the couples waved white handkerchiefs.

When the evening drew to a close the couple exited the Adolphus on a carpet of rosebuds strewn by their guests.  At the bottom of the stairs waited a horse-drawn Cinderella carriage.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions – Dallas Wedding Videographers

Michael and Elizabeth’s highlight wedding video features excerpts of their wedding day cued to music selected by the couple.  The fun music captures the joy and energy of their celebration.  The highlight is just a part of their full length wedding video, which covers the all the festivities of the wedding reception the night before the wedding and all the ceremonies and celebrations at the Adolphus in detail.

We used two cameras at the wedding and the reception.  We work hard to be everywhere, all the time, yet remain invisible to the participants and guests.  The two cameras allowed us to capture the father of the bride as he made his toast and the couple as they listened and reacted to his precious words.  Moments such as these are the reason you want a wedding video.

In our studios in the weeks after the wedding, we edited and mixed the audio and video to create a sequence allowing the viewer to feel they are sitting right next to the bride and groom as they appreciate the father-of-the-bride’s sweet words.

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