Sports Videography Now for Sports Banquet Later

Video Sports Action Now for Upcoming Sports Banquets

One of the best parts of any sports banquet is the highlight reels – those videos showcasing the best moments of your season.  Why else would you get all dressed up and eat banquet food?  Of course you want the opportunity to share the great moments of your season with your teammates and loved ones, one more time.

Sports Videography

Smartphones have changed the world.  Sports videography used to require special equipment, at the very least a consumer-grade videocamera, but nowadays all you need is a smartphone.  And those videocameras?  So much smaller and affordable than they used to be.  Still for the best quality videos, nothing beats a professional videographer with a professional-grade HD videocamera such as LeniCam Video Productions uses to record all of our videos.

Whether you hire a professional videographer, have a staff videographer or use videos taken on smartphones by your fans, on your banquet night you want a slick presentation of the videos where every player gets a moment in the spotlight.  Even if you don’t hire LeniCam to record your games, we can still help at the end of the season as you get ready for your banquet.

The Big Yellow Circle

Though it takes every player on a team to win a game, in sports videography it is sometimes difficult to see all the heros.  The viewers focus naturally follows the ball, but sometimes the game is actually won elsewhere.  When LeniCam Video Productions edits your video for your banquet, regardless of who took the video, we can emphasize the contribution of every player with the use of a yellow circle.

At the beginning of a play, we can hold a frame for a moment and direct the viewers’s eyes to a particular player by highlighting them with a yellow circle.  Then the viewer will focus on the highlighted player rather than follow the ball.  Every player can have their moment in the limelight at your banquet.

Start Recording Now

Only one thing can keep you from have entertaining season footage to show at your sports banquet and that’s not having any footage to show.  If you need a sports videographer, then we’d love for you to contact us.  We’ve developed proprietary equipment that allows us to get all the action from the sidelines without having to jostle through players, coaches and fans.  Sports videography fees begin at $170 per game and for many of the teams we cover this cost is shared among the parents, making it very affordable.  Our editing services range from $50 to $125 based on whether we choose the segments to be shown or someone from the team.  Each yellow circle is $10.

Contact us today to get your team’s schedule on our calendar.

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