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Fun Wedding in a Historic McKinney Venue produced by Wedding Videographer Dallas TX

Emily and Ben – The Flour Mill in McKinney

Ben considered himself a mature upperclassman, highly superior to the enthusiastic blonde freshman named Emily.  It’s a good thing he decided to be patient with her and made an effort to know her better.  He discovered she was the love of his life. They were married at The Flour Mill in McKinney.

Emily enthusiastically embraces life and brings joy to everyone around her.  She was also a gorgeous bride.  Her stunning strapless gown with a sweetheart neckline featured a ruched bodice and sequined belt.  Her tulle veil was trimmed in crystal.  For something blue she had suede pumps with platform soles and very high heels.  She carried a huge bouquet of mixed flowers with long stems.

Forte Strings, a string quartet, set an elegant mood for the sentimental wedding ceremony.  As a part of their vows the couple shared what they loved about one another.  To symbolize the joining of their two separate lives into one, the couple assembled a unity cross.

The picturesque old mill made a charming setting for the wedding and reception.  Andrea at Absolute Photography did a great job of capturing still photos.  A large wooden frame provided a rustic sort of “photo booth” for shots of the guests.

McKinney Catering put together a lovely reception.  Once the formalities like cutting the cake and tossing the garter were out of the way, the dancing began.  First it was solo dances with the bride and groom, and then everyone hit the floor and stayed there most of the evening.  At the end of the festivities, Emily and Ben changed into shorts and t-shirts and escaped through a crowd tossing birdseed for good luck.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

Wedding videographers should be both silent and invisible.  At least that’s our opinion and there are a lot of brides who agree with us.  Emily was one of them.

Modern technology has many innovations that allow video to be taken with equipment that gets smaller and smaller all that time.  Size can limit zoom capabilities however, so to get good quality close-ups, some videographers need to be right in front of the subject.  That’s why at some weddings you will see a videographer following the bride up the aisle and perching near her during the ceremony.

For Emily and Ben we chose to use the much larger professional-grade HD videocameras instead.  We set up our camera behind the audience near the door of the venue.  Most people didn’t even see us, but from there we were able to capture the moment the bride entered the room and joy on her groom’s face.  We followed her up the aisle and made tight close-ups during the ceremony.  All without anyone observing us.  During the reception, we stayed unobtrusively at the edge of the crowd, but still got all the close-ups and all the group shots to make a marvelous, high-quality wedding video.

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