Claudia & Jared Wedding Videos Dallas TX

Wedding Videos Dallas TX with Claudia and Jared

Claudia and Jared at Capella Court Gardens in Carrollton

The bride seemed nonchalant about her wedding.  While the stylist worked on her hair, Claudia sat in the floor staring into her laptop.  About the only way you could tell she was getting ready for her wedding was the blue ruffled garter around her thigh.  When the chapel doors were opened it was a completely different story.  Tears of joy ran down her cheeks.  Claudia married Jared at Capella Court Gardens in Carrollton.

Before the wedding the bride’s dressing room was full of pretty girls getting ready for Claudia’s big day.  Two little girls were decked-out in white organza dresses with pink silk flowers all around the hem.  On their heads they wore circlets of white flowers with small veils.  The bridesmaids’ dresses were long and black with deep V necklines.  As lovely as they all were, no one outshone the bride in her strapless white satin gown with intricate crystal beading.

Over in the groom’s waiting room, Jared and his groomsmen gathered to prayer with the pastor.  Of course, that was after the handsome groom checked himself out in the mirror and liked what he saw.

For the ceremony in the chapel, pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen entered down matching staircases and walked down the aisle together.  Then from between double doors at the rear, the darling flower girls preceded a young man with a banner declaring, “Here comes the Bride.”  The double doors closed after the young man with the sign and opened for the stunning bride in her gorgeous dress, which was as beautiful from the rear as it was from the front.

The stately chapel glowed with white paneling highlighted by golden touches.  White tapers flickered in golden candelabra.  As the couple’s parents’ entered the chapel they lit tapers to be used by Claudia and Jared to light their unity candle.  The nervous groom nearly stumbled at the start of the vows, but by the end, his voice was loud and clear.  The bride also vowed with commitment.  As the couple left the chapel the banner, carried by the young man, was turned over to say “Just Married.”

At the door of the reception, guests were offered fanciful lollipops and small personalized swag bags.  A delicious looking buffet offered fruits, cheese and other hors d’oeuvres.  Dominating the room was a large ice sculptured vase holding red roses.  Each layer of the towering wedding cake was banded by a strip of rhinestones.  The groom’s cake was fashioned to look like a basket full of chocolate covered fruit.  Everyone enjoyed Claudia and Jared’s wedding day.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

Claudia and Jared were certainly the stars of their wedding video, but like most couples, they really enjoyed watching everyone else when they got the opportunity to see the finished product.  We get lots of group shots, so the couple can see each guest at least once in the video, but one of the reasons we arrive early is to identify the people closest to the couple.  Those are the people we make sure to highlight in the video.

Another reason we arrive early is the audio track.  We need to make sure there is a microphone available for everyone who will speak or perform during the ceremony and that we are connected to the audio feeds.  Our most connection is with the lavalier microphone attached to the groom’s lapel.  That’s what gives us a clear recording of the vows and it also gives us the inside track on the rest of the day.

Making a wedding video is more than pointing a camera towards the front of the church.  We arrive with thousands of dollars of equipment and over a decade of experience in wedding videography.  Throughout the day we are everywhere, recording everything, while remaining virtually invisible to the guests and participants.  Then we return to our studio and devote several weeks to creating a unique video the bride and groom will cherish for years to come.

We Sweat the Small Stuff So You Don’t Have To    

LeniCam Video Productions – Wedding Videos Dallas TX


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