Is a Highlight Wedding Video Enough?

iStock_000055886978_LargeThat Moment When You Share Your Highlight Wedding Video

The explosion of social media has created a new moment for brides.  Just a few years ago no one expected a bride to post a highlight wedding video.  Now its almost as important as the wedding license.  A piece of paper might do for government entities, but your friends and family expect a video.

So Where Do Highlight Videos Come From?

There’s another wedding moment you’d recognize if you frequented bridal shows – it’s when the bride-to-be figures out just how overwhelming it is to plan a wedding.  Either they just got engaged in the last few weeks or they just set the date.  Now they have to plan a wedding.

It’s a real deer-in-the-headlights moment.  They wander through a bridal show with their mom or a maid-of-honor gathering brochures into a free tote bag.  As they look into our booth we can see dollar signs and question marks billowing out of their ears.

“Have you booked your wedding videographer?” we ask gently.

  • “I don’t know if I can afford one.”
  • “I haven’t thought about it.”
  • “I think my photographer provides one.”
  • “My uncle is going to do it.”
  • “It’s not in my budget.”

These are the usual answers, but there should be question marks at the end of the sentences.  We do meet brides at the shows who say they are actually in the market for a videographer, but that’s not the usual response and those brides are usually further along in the planning process.

Whatever the bride answers, our job is not over.  We want to be sure that when the wedding is over, the bride has what she wants.  As a part of our Dallas Wedding Videography, we provide a short highlight film online for sharing, but that’s just the icing on the cake.  Several of your vendors such as your venue, your coordinator or even your photographer might offer the same thing as part of their package, but will it be enough?

Who Has Time to Watch a Full Length Wedding Video and How Often Will You Do It?

A sweet pair dropped by our booth on Sunday.  Mom was the budget-minder.  The bride-to-be was just overwhelmed.  The bride knew she wanted to post a highlight reel shortly after the wedding and the mom was pretty sure they were going to use a photographer who included it in their package.

You could almost imagine the photographer’s sales pitch.  He was going to save them money by providing the free video and then he planted the question.  Are you really going to have time to sit down and watch a full length wedding video and even if you did, how many times would you actually do it?

To a busy bride-to-be time is something in very short supply.  They try to imagine carving out enough time sit through full length wedding video and if they had to do it before the wedding they know have no time for it.  But you are not always going to be a busy bride-to-be and you’re not the only one who will be interested in your wedding video.

LeniCam provides five copies of your wedding video.  Most brides share these with parents and/or grandparents.  Your parents and grandparents want to watch the whole wedding video and they want to see it more than once.  In fact, they’ll probably show it to anyone they can get to sit still for more than a moment.

What’s more, our videos are divided up into chapters and have scene selection, just like the video from the box at the grocery store.  You don’t have to have more than a few minutes available to watch a favorite moment from your wedding.

A week or so after our couples return from their honeymoon we send them a proof copy of their wedding.  Some couples watch it right away, but sometimes it takes them weeks to get around to it.  Either way the couple is always amazed at what they see.

  • “It was great to see what the groom was doing while I was getting dressed.”
  • “Watching her be transformed into a bride was amazing.”
  • “I didn’t realize so many people there.  I don’t remember seeing some of them.”
  • “My favorite part was when [groom] saw me for the first time.  Without the video I would have never known what he said at that moment.”
  • “Who knew that the funniest part of the day would be while we were taking pictures? I forgot all about that!”
  • “I got to see the part of the service before I came down the aisle.”
  • “I loved that interview you did with my aunt.”

These are the kinds of things we always hear over and over and over.  Whether the couple themselves wanted the video or someone else had insisted they get it, our couples love their wedding video.  They may put the video on the shelf for a while during their first busy first year, but then their first wedding anniversary comes around and they pull it out.  Or someone they know is getting married and wants to see their video.  Or they have kids someday and want to share the day with them.  Or they lose that special aunt and want to hear her voice one more time.  Or they are going through a tough time and need to be reminded of the good times.  The list goes on and on.

Maybe We Do Need More Than a Highlight

That sweet budget-minded mom and her overwhelmed bride-to-be?  Well, they knew they weren’t going to be satisfied with just a highlight wedding video.  When your wedding, that you’ve spent so much money, time and effort is over, your photos and video will be all that lasts.  The photos do capture moments, but only a video will capture the movement and sounds of that moment.

His face transforming from anxiety to joy?  Her laughter?  The breeze capturing a corner of your dress and sweeping it into the sky?  Grandmother’s sweet words?  For that, you need video.  Call us at or email us at to book your date.



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