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Dallas Videographer Produces Online Videos for Business

Use videos online to tell your business story!

Use videos online to tell your business story!

Bridal Show Connects Us with Brides and Wedding Vendors

On Sunday we joined dozens of other wedding vendors for DFW Bridal Shows‘ Signature event.  We always enjoy the opportunity to visit with brides, but it was also fun to spend time with our peers.  As Dallas Wedding Videographers, we work with many of these vendors at weddings throughout the Metroplex, but the marketing team only knows them as names in a file.  At the show, we had the chance to chat with them face-to-face.

Our Reputation Proceeds Us

One of the best things about being part of the LeniCam Video Productions team is the positive vibe our company name always inspires.  Here’s a few things we heard at the show:

  • “Nice to meet you.  I know[LeniCam Videographer].  It’s always such a pleasure to work with you guys.”
  • “I’ve heard of LeniCam!  You’ve been doing weddings for a long time.”
  • “Wow, LeniCam has done a lot of weddings at our venue.  You’re on our preferred vendor list.”

The list could go on, but you get the idea.  In spite of knowing about our company, some of the vendors were surprised to discover the scope of our business.

It’s not unusual for a wedding vendor to do more than weddings.  For caterers, djs, bakeries, limousine companies and many others, weddings are just another piece of the pie.  However, a large percentage of wedding videographers are weekend warriors who work another job during the week, so all they do is weddings.  LeniCam, on the other hand is open for business every day of the week.  We have a staff of videographers, as well as an office staff.  We do a whole lot more than weddings.

Expand your audience with video.

Expand your audience with video.

Videos for Business

Many of the vendors at the show were interested in our videography services for business.  Everyone is vying for more exposure on social media and most know how valuable video can be online, but while selfies might be great for personal pages, most businesses want something more professional looking.

LeniCam Video Productions can help.  For as little as $350 we can produce a powerhouse online presentation.  We’ll help you decide on the best style, come to your place of business for the recording session and provide an edited video in a variety of formats so you can load it online or play it at a tradeshow.  We can even help you think of other uses of your video based on the kind of business you do.

Any Seach Engine Optimization (SEO) professional will tell you that while words are important, videos multiply your efforts.  If you’ve been thinking about a video for your business.  Call us at 972-378-0446 or email us at to book a date for your business video.

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