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Janai and Jerry by Wedding Videographers Dallas TX

No Peeking at Their First Look – Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano

The match was made in heaven, but they found each other through online dating.  Janai and Jerry were married at in the chapel at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano.

Janai likes purple, so she applied it with a liberal brushstroke to her wedding day.  Purple shoes, purple flowers – even a purple bow on her wedding cake.  Her beautiful A-line gown was white.  The ornately beaded strapless bodice with sweetheart neckline set off her sparkly accessories: a tiara, a crystal- edged veil, chandelier-styled crystal earrings and a necklace with a heart-shaped diamond pendant.  The elaborate beading continued on the skirt of the dress.  The bride carried a bouquet of mixed flowers in a myriad of purple hues and those purple shoes were high-heeled pumps with peek-a-boo toes and huge bows.

The couple wanted to share a little time together before the ceremony, but they didn’t want to tempt fate by ignoring old wedding traditions, so instead of a First Look, they held hands through a partially closed door and chatted for a while.  Jerry was more than pleased when he saw his pretty bride come down the aisle.  To symbolize the new life they were beginning, the couple lit a unity candle as a part of their ceremony.

Their reception was held a few feet away in a lovely sun-filled alcove of the church.  Each of the four tiers of their cake was decorated in a different motif and on top was a huge purple bow decorated with pearls.  When the couple cut the cake, they each took an obligatory bite, but what interested them the most was the icing.

Several single women lined up to vie for the bouquet Janai tossed.  Either all the men were already married or they were afraid to tempt fate, because only a couple of young fellows, decades away from their own weddings, were interested in catching the garter.  As the couple escaped the festivities, their guests bid them farewell with bubbles.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

The actual filming of Janai and Jerry’s wedding was only a very small part of what went into the production of their video.  We spent time with Janai before the wedding so we would understand her vision for her big day, the logistics of the events and what equipment we’d need.  When it was time to go to their wedding, we loaded with all the equipment we needed into our vehicles, with back-up and extras of everything.  Then we had to be unload and set up at Prestonwood.  When filming was over, we had to put everything back into our vehicle and return it to the studio.

At ourstudio, we downloaded all the audio and video files we’d recorded at the wedding, and then we deleted everything from equipment’s memory for our next event.  We recharged every piece of equipment that was rechargeable and tested the batteries of the rest.  Only then did we put the equipment away or load it for the next event.

The next bit was the most tedious.  We watched and listened to everything we’d recorded.  We build redundancy into our filming and recording, because we want options.  Only after we knew what we had could we begin editing and mixing the material to create a unique video.  This process requires days and days of work over several weeks.

The result of this process was our demo for Janai and Jerry.  They watched the demo and gave us their edits.  This part of the process can take several passes as we work to produce the video exactly the way the couple wants it.  In this case we were the sniffle removers.  Jerry had gotten sick the day before and felt awful.  He sounded worse and our wireless microphone captured every cough and sniffle.  At the request of the couple we spent a lot of time removing every single cough and sniffle possible.  We tell our couples that no matter what happens on their wedding day – good or bad – they are going to love their wedding video.  When we were through with our edit, just as we promised, the coughs and sniffles were barely noticeable and the couple was very happy.

Finally, we produced the five videos with customized packaging and menus.  Janai and Jerry loved the final product.  Then we loaded this highlight video onto our website for friends and family to view and download.  Our final step was to put all the material on our secure server – just in case.

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