Kayse & Clayton at Alliance Church of Christ

Kayse and Clayton – Alliance Church of Christ in Justin and Wildhorse Golf Club

Clayton took seven years to decide whether or not Kayse was the woman he wanted to marry.  It took only seconds for the tears to come when he saw her standing at the door of the church.  Before the pastor could even get to the vows, the whole wedding party was sharing crumpled tissues and wide grins.  Kayse and Clayton were married at Alliance Church of Christ in Justin.

Pretty Kayse looked lovely in her white satin gown with intricately beaded bodice and full, pickup-accented skirt.  Her strapless sweetheart neckline highlighted her crystal jewelry and the jewels trimming the scalloped edges of her multi-layered veil.   Her bridesmaids wore long black dresses in a variety of styles.  The bouquets were red and white roses wrapped in white satin ribbon.

Kayse lassoed a handful when she married Justin.  Whether line dancing with his groomsmen before the ceremony or insisting on wearing oversized glasses for the formal portraits – Justin heads into life humor first.  Kayse’s not intimidated in the least by his antics and gives as good as she gets.  When icing from the wedding cake made its way to her face, she made sure a little ended up on his face, too.

The reception was at held at Wildhorse Country Club.  The couple’s beautiful white-on-white wedding cake featured square tiers stacked one upon the other with alternating patterns of decoration.  Some layers were polka-dotted with dabs of icing, while others were covered in filigree scrolls.  Nose-gays of live roses were sprinkled up the sides of the cake and then more roses sprang from the top layer.  The finishing touch was a slim silver heart.

Along with the beautiful cake, the couple provided a candy buffet for their guests.  Maybe the shared sugar high was the reason the dance floor was so busy.  There were spotlight dances, line dancing and even troupe performances.  The high energy dancers all wore high intensity smiles.  At the end of the evening, guests waved sparklers in the air as the effervescent couple escaped to their waiting limo.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions – Dallas Wedding Videographers 

When Kayse planned her wedding, she decided the only light she wanted for the ceremony was string lights and candles.  In theory it sounded romantic and wonderful.  In practice, the darkness made it almost impossible for guests to see the front of the church.  We convinced Kayse to let us add some light from our cameras.  It turned out to be a real win-win situation.  As you can see in the video, the mood for the ceremony is still romantic, however with our lights on the guests could see the ceremony, we had enough light to record and the minister could read his notes.

We’ve been videographing wedding for more than a decade, so we’re used to last minute changes.  In fact, almost every wedding requires flexibility, innovation and cooperation between the vendors.  Sometimes the bride never knows how close her wedding came to a disaster.  At other times when the solution runs counter to what we know the bride wants, we’ll get her permission – like we did with Kayse.

On the day of her wedding, Kayse was glad we were able to offer a solution that allowed her to keep the mood she wanted for her ceremony.  When Kayse and Trent saw their video they were delighted.  We’re glad it will be a part of their lives for all the years to come.

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