Joyce and Andrew in Video Wedding Dallas


Joyce and Andrew in a Family Celebration at Plano’s Grace Presbyterian Church Captured on Video Wedding Dallas

During an intimate ceremony in a small chapel, the families of Joyce and Andrew were joined into one.  Joyce and Andrew were married at the architecturally-unique Grace Presbyterian Church of Plano, causing great joy for their children.  The chapel was the original sanctuary for the church.

Grace looked pensively into the mirror as she dressed for the ceremony.  Her dark curls were softly clasped into her tulle veil.  The white satin of her dress gathered into a V-neckline.  A beaded decoration emphasized the empire waistline of the dress and soft folds of satin hugged her body as they cascaded down to the end of her train.

In the chapel, the guests sat on folding chairs which were covered in white satin and adorned with tulle bows.  Three large urns, full of graceful gladiola stems and other flowers, decorated the front of the chapel.  A reading from Ecclesiastes assured the couple that with God, they would become a rope of three strands which could not be broken.

Tears of joy began to flow from the bride’s eyes as her groom made his vows to her and continued as she promised to love him until death parted them.  Laughter replaced tears when the rings were exchanged and Andrew tried to repeat Joyce’s part.  The lighting of a unity candle represented to two lives and families which were being joined.

As the minister pronounced the couple man and wife, Joyce’s son danced happily, waving her bridal bouquet in the air.  Each member of the newly joined family joined with the couple in the cake cutting ceremony.  The “cake” was a tower of Nothing But Bundt Mini-Cakes which were eagerly anticipated by a group of young guests.

Along with the bundtlets with their delicious icing, guests were offered a buffet of snacks which Andrew had been responsible for preparing.  Joyce asked him how he decided what to serve, forgetting his menu came from a list she’d provided.

At the end of the afternoon the newly married couple waved farewell.  Andrew thanked everyone for coming and said he thought it had been an awesome day.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

One thing is for sure.  The size of your guest list has nothing to do with the charm of your wedding day. The precious moments of Joyce and Andrew’s wedding are sweet beyond measure and with this video the couple and their children will be able to enjoy the memories without forgetting a single detail.

LeniCam treats each wedding as the important event that it is, without regard for the size of the wedding party.  Our videographer arrived at the wedding an hour and a half before the ceremony, just like we do at all weddings.  He stayed until the bride and groom bid us farewell.

Our goal is to be everywhere, recording everything, while we stay in the background, invisible to the guests and participants.  Since there was only one videographer at this event, he used a tripod on wheels to get from one place to another.  During the preparation of the video we deleted the frames where the camera was moving and mixed the sound so the frames removed would not be missed.  When we were through, it looked as if there had been multiple videographers at the event.

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LeniCam Video Productions – Video Wedding Dallas

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