Katelyn and Seth in Video Wedding Dallas

Katelyn and Seth at Lost Oak Winery in Video Wedding Dallas

Katelyn and Seth’s wedding, at Lost Oak Winery in Burleson, was one of casual elegance.  On a perfectly beautiful day, the comfortably-attired, guests chose chilled wine from a barrel of iced bottles.  Programs of multi-layered papers, tied with moss green ribbon were available in a nostalgic trunk.  Rows of white folding chairs provided seating between spreading oak trees and bouquets of flowers hung at the ends of the rows.

As the bride dressed, Seth shared the story of a date to Dinosaur State Park in Glen Rose, where her love and enthusiasm for everything around her, won his heart.  Wearing a tan suit and white shirt, the groom sported a bolo tie, with a Southwestern motif, made from silver, turquoise and onyx.

The bride donned a strapless chiffon gown with pleats crisscrossing the sweetheart bodice and a full skirt of soft gathers.  A belt with delicate, chiffon-petalled flowers accented her waist.  Her tulle veil, edged in white sequins, fell from her up-do of loose curls.  She and her bridesmaids carried mixed bouquets of rustic flowers.  The bridesmaids wore short, sleeveless dresses of taupe silk brocade.

Katelyn and Seth’s sweet ceremony was accompanied by live guitar music.  A tiny toddling flower girl made it down the aisle with some assistance from her mother.  The bride arrived across a wooden footbridge.  After the vows were over, the couple shared a passionate kiss.

A wonderful buffet of beautifully displayed food welcomed the guests to the reception.  Plates filled, guests found seats at long tables.  In a mix of chic meets country, the tables were covered in white linen, with continuous burlap runners.  Atop the runners were lace-and-burlap covered mason jars of baby’s breath and fragrant eucalyptus. Flickering flames in hurricane oil lamps provided a soft, pleasant light for dining.

Then, under a pavilion decorated with strings of white lights, sashes of white crepe and many white paper lanterns, spirited dancing began.  Their lovely cake was twined round and round with grapevine and decorated with live flowers and swirls of white icing.  At the end of the evening, guests waved bright sparklers as the couple stole away into their orange SUV.  As they drove away Katelyn waved a final farewell.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

Cicadas sang in the trees as Katelyn and Seth vowed to love one another forever, a charming effect to the live audience.  On the raw video footage, the cicadas (and trains passing on a nearby track) overpowered the couple’s words.  To overcome this, we put mics on the groom, the officiant, the guitarist and the DJ.  Back at the LeniCam studio, these feeds were woven into the video footage to create a beautiful and natural sounding memory of Katelyn and Seth’s special day.

Like most outdoor venues, the wedding at Lost Oaks was spread out over a greater area than an indoor venue.  The bride’s arrival over a footbridge was actually quite a distance from the ceremony.  Many videographers, using only the video feature of a digital camera, would miss this shot.  LeniCam uses actual video cameras with expanded zoom capabilities, allowing us to capture the distance shots as if we were standing right next to the action, without having to re-position our equipment.

We arrived at Lost Oaks early enough to work out our logistical strategies, like getting the footbridge shot and estimating where the sun would be when the ceremony started.  Since the ceremony coincided with a bright sunset, the camera person also adjusted the camera’s settings, to get the details of the bride’s dress and the couple’s faces, in spite of the harsh natural lighting.

Our camera people always take footage of the signage and the building exteriors to convey the ambiance of a venue.  At Lost Oaks, we actually went out into the fields and hunted down a branch of perfect grapes on the vine.  The grape footage and the barrels of chilled wine bottles visually communicate the uniqueness of the site.

We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.    

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