Kelsey and Decebal in Dallas Wedding Videography


Kelsey and Decebal at Cox Chapel  and Scottish Rite Library on Dallas Wedding Videography

Decebal first held Kelsey in his arms at College Station’s Texas Hall of Fame Dancehall and now he will hold her in his heart forever.  The couple married in Cox Chapel at Highland Park United Methodist Church.

“I just love her and she’s the sweetest girl I’ve ever known,” Decebal said when asked about his bride.  Kelsey looked every bit as sweet as his declaration in the lace, satin and pearls she chose for her wedding day.  The sweetheart bodice of her strapless ball gown was covered in lace, lace embellished the satin skirt and trimmed her full length veil.  For the ceremony, Kelsey wore a long-sleeved lace bolero. Pearls set with crystals in gold gleamed in her ears and she wore a double-strand pearl necklace.  More attractive than all her wedding finery were her big blue eyes and wide smile.

Elegance was the hallmark of the day, from the beautiful ceremony in the stately Cox Chapel to the vintage Rolls Royce which transported the couple to their reception at the magnificent Crystal Ballroom of the Scottish Rite Library.  In the gorgeous ballroom, with its ornate columns and stained glass windows, their intricately decorated multi-tiered cake, emblazoned with their monogram and topped with white roses, looked right at home.

Having met through a love of dancing, it’s not surprising Kelsey and Decebal graced their wedding day with brilliant steps and spinning twirls.  Most of this highlight video is devoted to their skill on the dance floor, which suggests they will be able to dance through the rest of their life with grace – especially if their lives are filled with as many kisses as their dances.

When the night was over, Kelsey and Decebal climbed back in the Rolls Royce and headed off to their new life together.  Congratulations to Merritt Lewis of Highland Park United Methodist Church who coordinated the fabulous wedding ceremony and Kristen Dee who shot the still photography.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

Kelsey and Decebal’s wedding and reception was a visual feast filled with sweet words and beautiful music.  One LeniCam videographer caught Kelsey’s tears as she read a touching card from Decebal, while another videographer captured Decebal’s emotional response to Kelsey’s sentimental gift of leather-bound love-letters.

In the chapel a camera placed at the rear of the chapel captured the overall ambiance.  Another cameraperson, hid in an alcove below the altar, to record the close-ups of Kelsey’s smiles and tears during the vows.  He had the wedding coordinator’s permission to sneak out when everyone turned to watch the bride enter, but then he had to dive back into the alcove and figure out how to get the rest of the shots he needed without being seen.

The light-footed couple hosted an energetic reception in a stunning venue.  Since they chose to have only one videographer at the reception, we used a tripod with wheels to move throughout the event to record everything, everywhere, while remaining virtually invisible to the guests and participants.  Kelsey and Decebal’s stunning footwork were captured into permanent memories on their video, shared here in their highlight video for family and friends and preserved on our secure server, just in case.

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