Kim & Max’s Wedding at Ashton Gardens

Kim and Max’s Wedding at Ashton Gardens

An April Wedding at Ashton Gardens

It was easy to tell eager anticipation preceded Kim and Max’s wedding. The audience laughed when the minister announced Facebook and all of social media had been looking forward to the day. Still, no one was more enthusiastic than the bride and groom. The groom laughed out loud at the minister’s quip, while Kim bowed her head, trying to maintain her composure. Max’s eagerness could also be seen in the tears which sprung to his eyes when he saw Kim coming to him down the aisle. When the minister proclaimed them man and wife, Kim actually jumped up and down. This happy event occurred on a beautiful spring day at Ashton Gardens in Corinth, TX.

You can’t blame Max for his tears, because Kim was a vision of beauty. Her long blonde hair tumbled past her shoulders in a cascade of curls, topped off with a tiara and a crystal-edged veil. The sparkles in these crystals were echoed by a jewel-encrusted sweetheart bodice and a sprinkling of crystal jewelry. The large pear-shaped pendant on her necklace complimented a daring extension of the V in her dress, which plunged below the lace of her bodice. The dramatic skirt of her ball gown was covered in tufts of tulle, mimicking the fluff of the clouds in the blue sky outside the chapel.

Pink was the color of the day. You could see it everywhere. Pink bows graced the ends of the pews. Max and his groomsmen wore pink vests, ties and boutonnieres. The bridesmaids wore pink. Pink flowers filled the bridal party’s bouquets. A sweets buffet was drenched in pink. Even the wedding cake was pink!

The glorious weather of Kim and Max’s wedding day shone into the spectacular Ashton Gardens chapel and reception hall. Both venues are surrounded by huge plate glass windows, spilling light-filled splendor into the celebrations. As gorgeous as the view is, all eyes turned to Ashton Grove’s elegant curved stairwell as the happy bride and groom entered the reception. Then the party really got started.

Kim and Max both have faces and gestures which immediately give away what’s going on inside. For instance, when the bride tasted her pink wedding cake, it was easy to see she was thrilled with it. The emotional electricity was amped up when the bride and groom swayed nose to nose in their first dance. Hilarity reigned as they hammed it up throwing her bouquet and garter.

The bride and groom are both accomplished singers, so they entertained their guests with a duet. Then, to honor Kim’s mother, they played a recording of Kim singing a song to her mom. It was an important day for Kim and Max, but it was also fun.

At the end of their day, Kim and Max paused among cascades of pink confetti, tossed by their friends and family, and shared an embrace. Then they boarded the waiting horse and carriage which carried them away in to their new life together.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions – Dallas Wedding Videographers 

Kim and Max booked LeniCam for a two camera shoot. During the ceremony, one of the cameras hid among the decorations at the front of the church. This camera is a custom-designed proprietary videocamera with remote control. A videographer at the front of the church would be very distracting to the audience, while the camera itself is virtually invisible to them. A dedicated videographer in the balcony of the chapel maximized the location of the camera by monitoring it constantly. Just as if he were standing next to it looking through the viewfinder, he can follow the action, change the focus and make other adjustments.

We used two cameras at the reception also. During the couple’s duet we recorded from two angles. This allowed us to record the full song with each singer and then mix them in the editing process to re-create the sense of the couple singing to one another. During the editing process, we also added the montage of Kim’s Mom during the song to enhance the tribute.

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LeniCam Video Productions – Dallas Wedding Videographer

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