Dallas Event Videographer Has an Eye in the Sky

Dallas Event Videographer, Dallas Event Videographer Shoots from Above

“Do you have a drone?”  It’s a question we’ve been hearing a lot of lately.  Drones are in the news and many videographers and photographers are touting expensive packages which include their use. Is this a good way to spend your wedding dollars?

Getting the Bird’s Eye View

Unlike many videography companies, LeniCam is a full-time video production service which produces videos for many types of occasions, events and purposes.  While weddings are the heart of our business, we find synergistic connections in all of our work.

As our founder, John Lenihan, trotted along the sidelines of sporting events recording footage, he wished for a way to get his videocamera up over the heads of the crowd.  Coaches, parents and relief players with their toes on the out-of-bounds line made his job very difficult.

Since John is an engineer, by training and mindset, he soon put these skills to work, figuring out a solution.  It is pretty easy to get a still camera over the heads of a crowd.  All you have to do is lift it up there with your arm.  You see a lot of photographers doing that.  A professional grade videocamera is a lot heavier, so John developed an extra-tall tripod to hold the camera in place.

The camera was up up in the air, but we couldn’t see what was being recorded.  We needed to be able to follow the action and make necessary adjustments to the camera.  John solved those problems, too, with a remote control and remote viewing glasses.  We’ve been using this proprietary technology for years.

Do You Really Need a Drone?

Before drones were the sexy new ask, we’d been capturing special wedding shots from our unique camera for a variety of purposes.  For instance, many Indian weddings feature a vigorous dance competition between the men and the women.  The crowd is so excited by these events there’s no room for a videographer at the edge of the dance floor.  That’s fine.  We set up our cameras at the back of the crowd and video from above.  We get a great perspective of the dance and wonderful closeups of the faces both on the stage and in the crowd.

By using this technology, we’re able to get the shots a drone would get and in some cases do it better.  Drones come with their own set of problems.  They can be distracting.  There are air spaces where they’re not allowed.  Weather conditions can prohibit their use.  Footage taken with a drone can be shaky or out of focus.  None of these challenges arise with our sky-high remote camera.

You want a drone?  You can get a drone – but its going to cost you.  Contact us to discuss using our sky-high technology for your wedding.


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