Lighting for Wedding Video

Wedding video lighting on the churchLighting plays an important role when it comes to a creating high quality wedding video.

In fact, experienced Dallas wedding video companies will tell you it’s what makes or breaks a wedding video. Without the right kind of lighting equipment, the video will look grainy, dark and full of shadows.

On the other hand, an experienced wedding videographer realizes he can’t change existing lighting conditions, so he brings the right kind of lighting equipment to improve it. The result is a wedding video that is shot with crisp images and vibrant colors, making it enjoyable to watch over and over again.

Set the Mood of Your Wedding Videos

One of the reasons why lighting is important is that it helps set the mood of the entire wedding. With the right kind of lighting equipment, an experienced wedding videographer can make your wedding video look fun, solemn, or romantic, depending on your taste.

Radiant Looking Close Ups

Lighting for wedding video close ups
The lighting inside most wedding venues can cause shadows to cast underneath your eyes, giving you those unwanted dark circles. Definitely not something you’d want during those close up shots. An experienced wedding videographer can bring in the right kind of lighting equipment and put them in strategic parts of the venue so that these dark circles don’t show up in your finished wedding video.

See Everyone in the Wedding Video

This is very important if you’re having an indoor wedding. The layout of the venue and its existing lighting fixtures can create shadows in some areas. It may not really be a problem during the wedding day. But, it’s a completely different story in the wedding video. Without the proper lighting equipment, these areas will be so dark that it’s impossible to see who was sitting there.

Getting an experienced videographer who understands the importance of lighting will make sure that none of your guests are sitting in the shadows. So you don’t have to worry about friends and relatives getting offended when they come and watch the wedding video with you.

Making Natural Lighting Friendly to the Eyes

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, you have the sun at your back, creating a silhouette. Wedding videographers that have done a lot of outdoor wedding videos already anticipate this. They know how to compensate in order to get the lighting on your face perfect.

Choose LeniCam Video Productions for Your Wedding Videos

LeniCam Video Productions is a Dallas wedding video company that has filmed hundreds of indoor and outdoor weddings. We use the latest video and lighting equipment so that you get high quality wedding videos regardless of the time of day or location. Call us at (972) 378-0446 or email us at today to learn more about our comprehensive wedding video packages.

LeniCam Video Productions – Lighting for Wedding Video

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