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Lighting for Wedding Video

Lighting plays an important role when it comes to a creating high quality wedding video. In fact, experienced Dallas wedding video companies will tell you it's what makes or breaks a wedding video. Without the right kind of lighting equipment, the video will look grainy, dark and full of shadows. On the other hand, an experienced wedding videographer realizes he can't change existing lighting conditions, so he brings the right kind of lighting equipment to improve it. The result is a wedding video that is shot with crisp images and vibrant colors, making it enjoyable to watch over and over again. Set the Read more
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Wedding Videographer Checklist

 A Checklist of Questions for Your Wedding Videographer There are so many decisions to make when planning a wedding, but don’t put picking the videographer on the back burner. Here is a Dallas wedding videographer checklist that can help you evaluate which videographer is right for you. - How long have they been in business? You don’t want somebody that just picked up their flip camera and is giving it a try. Experience is a must. - Do they offer Blue Ray and HD DVDs? Since the trend is going towards HD, a good videographer will have both HD cameras and the ability to create Read more
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