Melanie and Tyler Wedding Video Dallas TX

Melanie and Tyler Wedding Video Dallas TX at All Saints Catholic Church and Reflections on Spring Creek

When Tyler met Melanie at a frat party, he knew she was more than just another pretty face.  The quiet Kappa Delta with the big dark eyes ( and even bigger smile) captured the fun-loving Pike’s heart.  On a beautiful day in Dallas, seeds of their courtship, sown at the University of Arkansas, ripened into a wedding.  All Saints Catholic Church, with its gorgeous fountains and semi-circular sanctuary provided a perfect venue for the exuberant Tyler to marry the lovely Melanie.

The graceful bride, carrying a bouquet of white hydrangeas with white roses, chose a softly flowing white gown, with sparkling accents and a cascading veil, for her walk down the aisle. Her sweet personality glowed like the pearls in her jewelry.

When Melanie’s father said to Tyler, “Take care of her,” everyone knew the father was letting go of a valuable gem.  Before the wedding, Tyler declared, “I’m the groom.” The elegant ceremony transformed him into a husband.

The couple’s reception, held at Reflections on Spring Creek, recalled the energy of Fayetteville’s frat parties.  Wrapped in boas and floral garlands, sorority sisters in a photo booth threatened all comers with their plastic machine gun.  Line dancers stomped and turned to pulsating songs, when the floor wasn’t full of swaying couples.  Melanie’s bouquet took a stratospheric flight and the single guys turned the garter toss into a round of hot potato.  Hilarity reached a high point when Melanie and Tyler used Barbie and Ken dolls to duke it out in The Newlywed Game.  Amid the hi-jinks, guests enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner topped off with slices of the three-tiered wedding cake.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

Arriving an hour and a half before Melanie and Tyler’s ceremony, we set up special video equipment to see everything, while remaining virtually invisible to participants, officiants and guests.  We placed a remote camera, far above of the line of sight, to capture the bride’s gorgeous smile during the vows.  To capture the sounds , we used two small wireless microphones, one hidden in the podium and another mic placed on the groom.   The wedding coordinator’s apprehensions melted into smiles when our devices disappeared from sight.

Spoken words come through clearly on the video, both the priest’s heartfelt sentiments during the ceremony and his playful joking during the shooting of the formal stills, as well as secrets shared between the bride and groom.  At the end of their delightful day, the nuptial couple tried to sneak away without a formal sendoff, however our cameras, invisible and everywhere, just like they were at the ceremony, recorded it all.

We sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to.


LeniCam Video Productions- Wedding Video Dallas TX


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