Nikki & Warren in Dallas Wedding Video


Nicholette and Warren at Northeast Wedding Chapel in Hurst on Dallas Wedding Video

Exuberance, energy and enthusiasm were the hallmarks of Nikki and Warren’s wedding at the Northeast Wedding Chapel in Hurst.  In the dressing room, the bride and her attendants danced chorus- line style, while not far away the groom and his attendants threw their fists into a ring, like team members beforea big game.  When the different wedding parties realized they could hear one another through the walls, a noisy competition exploded out of unrestrained joy.

Nickki’s fit-and-flare gown of lace-trimmed chiffon featured a row of buttons and a train in the back.  Her sheer, sleeveless, empire-waisted bodice rose to her neck, but revealed a sweetheart neckline.  The fingertip tulle and lace veil cascaded from a crown of curls.  She carried a bouquet of white roses.  Simple long black bridesmaids’ dresses complimented the bride’s white and the attendants carried yellow roses.  Two flower girls wore coronets and sashes of bright yellow with their white gowns.

A peaceful fountain greeted guests in the chapel’s lovely garden and whimsical hand-painted signs directed the way.  Favors and a goody bag were prepared for each guest.  The bride provided a unique method for her guests to mark their presence at her wedding.  Instead of signing a guest book, each guest signed the back of a puzzle piece and fit it into a completed jigsaw.

Nikki and Warren wrote heartwarming words to one another in their vows and their devotion to each other can be heard as they read them.  During the reception, the best man’s toast compared their upcoming married life to a long journey.  His metaphors were both touching and humorous.  The guests said “farewell” with bubbles and the couple drove away in a car decorated with yellow and black, ribbons and bows.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

During the few hours of Nikki and Warren’s wedding and reception a lot happened, before the ceremony, during the vows, throughout the reception and on to the farewell.  Without a wedding video, many of their precious moments and words would be lost forever, but the college students had a tight budget. Still, our videographer worked a little magic and was everywhere, all the time, yet almost invisible – capturing the special scenes without intruding into them.

To record the fun of the “shouting match” while the bride was dressing, the camera person taped the bride and the bridesmaids.  Then he took the camera next door and encouraged the groom and his groomsmen to repeat their performance. Later, while creating the actual wedding video, the editor wove the two pieces of film together, making it appear as if two cameras had been at work.

During the ceremony and the reception, the camera person mounted the camera on a rolling dolly in order to move quickly from one position to the other.   The dolly allowed him to record Nicholette coming down the stairs into the chapel and then make a speedy position change to get in place to tape her as she went down the aisle.  Then he needed to be in a position for close-ups during the vows.  The changes during the ceremony were fast, but the reception moved even faster.  Nikki’s careful planning was evident throughout the day, but it was our job to capture her memories.

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