Old Wedding Videography Can Get New Technology

Turn Old Wedding Videography into New Technology

Twelve years ago when LeniCam Video Productions first started producing wedding videography, DVD’s were just gaining popularity and BlueRay was a thing of the future, but people were videoing weddings long before that.  If you got married when people were still arguing about whether VHS or Beta tapes were better, then you probably couldn’t watch your wedding video if you wanted to, because you threw out your VCR a long time ago.  If your wedding video is on a reel, then you know technology has changed.  No matter what technology your wedding was recorded on, your memories have just gotten more valuable.

Today, the question is whether to choose DVD or BluRay technology, but that doesn’t mean your old videos have to go into the trash.  Your old tapes can be converted into modern technology.  Just turn them over to us.  We can convert them for you and produce a video you will enjoy sharing with your family.

Imagine the fun of sitting down with your spouse and reliving your wedding day.  A portrait of the bride may be on your wall and you may have a wedding album you bring out from time to time, but neither of those bring back the sounds and movement of your wedding day.

Memories will come flooding back as you sit with the love of your life, but imagine how much fun it would to share the footage with your adult children, your grandchildren or even your great-grandchildren.

Dress styles, fabrics, tuxedos, cakes, dancing, wedding vows and music have all gone through many changes and some of the fads enjoyed on your wedding day are making the rounds today.  The quality of the new discs will not be the same as recently recorded videos, but the memories will be even better.  The price of conversion will depend on the original technology, the amount of editing and the type of disc selected.  Don’t wait any longer.  Contact us today to reclaim your memories.

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