Ruben & Diana in Videography Wedding Dallas TX

Videography Wedding Dallas TX Captures Ruben and Diana’s Celebration

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church and Fannin County Multipurpose Complex

If you’re looking for your soulmate, try attending a child’s birthday party. That’s what Ruben did. A friend of Ruben’s, Paolo, extended an invitation to his child’s first birthday and Ruben found more than a piñata at the party. When the music started, Ruben asked Diana to dance. He’s been captivated ever since. Ruben and Diana were married at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in McKinney, TX.

Lovely Diana chose a strapless mermaid gown in beaded satin with a sweetheart neckline. Her cathedral length tulle veil was edged in beaded lace. Around her waist was a wide satin sash, embellished by crystals. Her jewelry featured crystals and pearls. White roses, calla lilies and baby’s breath gathered up with a white ribbon formed her bouquet. In stark contrast to the bride’s brilliant white ensemble, her bridesmaids wore black.

The wedding ceremony was a family affair. Ruben with his parents and family members entered the church first to the cheerful notes of a mariachi band. They were followed by the rest of the wedding party. After a pause a flower girl came down the aisle spreading petals, and then came the bride with a parent on each arm and a small flower girl carrying the bride’s veil.

The beautifully appointed sanctuary, the priest’s ornate vestments and a colorful floral arrangement created a lovely backdrop for the ceremony. With his vows, Ruben gave Diana a handful of coins to symbolize his earthly treasures which he was entrusting to her. Their lasso communion featured a delicate crystal rosary. After the ceremony the family gathered for photographs.

The reception was held at the Fannin County Multipurpose Complex in Bonham. The huge facility had plenty of room for the evening’s music and dancing. The mariachi band started the evening. They played traditional mariachi songs as the families and wedding party promenaded into the room. The bride and groom shared a first dance and then danced with important members of their families. In a particularly charming tableau, the bride danced with her father who was wearing a large black cowboy hat. Soon popular Tejano hits played by a live band got everyone out on the floor for favorites like a snake dance and the merangue. During the snake dance, partiers danced through an arch formed by the groom holding up the bride’s veil. The night also included an entertaining DJ.

Bright flowers decorated the tiers of Ruben and Diana’s cake which featured columns between the tiers. The bride and groom courteously fed one another first bites, but then the bride took a playful swipe at the groom’s nose with a little icing.
The single guests enjoyed the bouquet and garter tosses. Then it was time for a money dance. Well Wishers pinned dollar bills all over the bride and groom as they danced. Eventually the bride and groom said their farewells and drove away in a bright red sportscar beautifully decorated the day’s events.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

Ruben and Diana wedding day was seasoned by traditions from both sides of the border. The rites, rituals, music and conversations flowed freely in both English and Spanish. Regardless of the language, love and joy translate well on video.
Along with being video specialists, our technicians are also audio specialists and used many of our tricks to capture the sights and sounds of Ruben and Diana’s special day. During the ceremony we used our proprietary remote control camera that allowed us to get tight close-ups of the bride and groom during the vows without having a cameraman nearby. Meanwhile, we were up in the choir loft with the mariachi band recording their happy tunes.

A unique feature of this wedding was the three different types of music offered. Each of the bands and the DJ had their own sound equipment and very little time between sets to break down and set up. So we figured out a way to record them all without hindering the program. We also had a wireless mic on the groom.

When we came back to the studio, we mixed all the audio with the video footage so Ruben and Diana wouldn’t miss a word or a gesture from their wedding day. When they saw the proof, Ruben and Diana requested that our chapter heading be in Spanish. No problemo, since we customize each disc and cover to our couples’ specifications.

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