Color is Everywhere in Wedding Videography Dallas

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Color Wheel from

Wedding Videography Dallas Sees Color Everywhere

White wedding dress, black tuxes and pastel bridesmaids dresses.  That’s the way it used to be!  But not anymore!

Out with the Old & In with the Bold!

Over the last century or so, white was the only color anyone wanted in a wedding dress.  Some say it started when Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress.  Others say it was sign of purity.  Whatever the reason, if you were getting married, you wore white.  Woe to the women who looked awful in white, because even stepping out in a shade of white other than ivory could put your reputation into jeopardy.

It’s taken a while, but nowadays, even though shades of white remain the most popular choice for brides, that white can be candlelight, champagne, blush or even silver, without so much as the blink of an eye.  Watching a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress will assure you that color has come to the wedding aisle.  In fact, about the only hindrance to you having whatever color of gown you want is allowing your gown salon enough time to get the dress in the color you’ve requested.

Colors on Video

Whatever color you choose for your wedding dress, LeniCam heartily endorses your choice.  In fact, a pure white dress can be one of the hardest things for a videographer to capture effectively.  Bright sunlight or the flash of a camera can completely obliterate the details of a white satin dress, if the videographer doesn’t know how to properly adjust their cameras – but with twelve years of experience, you won’t run into that problem with us.  And guys can have the opposite problem.  Dark hair and skin in a black tuxedo in a dimly-lit room can obliterate facial features – another problem we overcome all the time.

Actually, we invite you to bring on the color.  We use professional grade HD videocameras – the same sort they use to film Hollywood movies.  Our cameras will capture color exactly, whether it’s the shade of white you’ve chosen for the bride’s gown or the tender shade of a flower in your bouquet.  The more color you use in your ceremony and reception, the more visually stimulating your video will be.

The Choices Are Endless

Now there’s only one problem with all of this color! How do you decide?

Take wedding rings for instance.  There was a time when a wedding band was gold – and gold meant yellow gold.  Then white gold became popular.  Before long, jewelers were offering an upgrade to platinum.  Now the choices are limitless – yellow gold, white gold and rose gold – but don’t stop there.  Look at this list of band metals from Robbins Brothers.

Bridesmaid dresses no longer have to be some washed out pastel that doesn’t look good on anyone and can never be worn again.  Take a gander at these choices on The Knot and you’ll see dresses long and short, strapless and sleeved that will enhance any wardrobe.

In fact, from wedding invitations to farewell confetti, there’s a rainbow of colors to choose from.  While you’re choosing colors, we’d like for you to choose us for your wedding video.  Call us at 972-378-0446 to set up an initial appointment.


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