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LeniCam Videographer Sarah Marries Josh at Garland’s Granville Arts Center

Imagine Dallas Wedding Videographers planning a wedding.  That could be our Sarah.  As she picked out her venue and tried on dresses she compared everything to the many weddings she’d filmed for us and thought about how her choices would look in her own video. She used her experience to create some innovative touches for the video and chose a venue to highlight the time she spends on the business side of the camera. Her careful planning resulted in a spectacular wedding and a wonderful video.

The site of the ceremony, the Plaza Theater of Garland’s Granville Arts Center, meshed perfectly with her desire to have a video-inspired wedding. From a Save the Date card in the form of a movie poster, to their names up in lights on the Plaza billboard, Sarah and Josh were the stars of the day. Thanks to Sarah’s creative theme, the guests were enthralled in the magic of the movies and carried away by the charming love story.

Like the rest of our brides, Sarah was filmed as she made the transformation from pretty woman to beautiful bride in the green room of the theater. A make-up artist applied cosmetics to enhance Sarah’s natural beauty and then Sarah stepped into a stunning strapless ball gown with a sweetheart neckline. The white satin set off her dark hair, big green eyes and bright smile. The bodice of the dress blazed with crystals, while the dropwaist emphasized her curves. She glittered like a celebrity on the red carpet. The rest of the wedding party provided a perfect backdrop in shades of gray and taupe.

Before the wedding, guests sat in the auditorium waiting for the red velvet drapes to open and the ceremony to begin. When the curtains went up a large glitter-covered “J&S” served as the backdrop to the ceremony. Sarah’s dad escorted her down the aisle of the theater and then Josh helped her up the stairs to the stage. The passionate kisses at the end of the ceremony were worthy of any Hollywood chickflick.

Sarah planned many unique details for her wedding day, like her bouquet. Sparkling among her flowers were brooches which had decorated gifts at a very special shower. At the reception, a tower of cupcakes decorated in turquoise icing served as their wedding cake. As a souvenir of the wedding, guests were invited to fill up goodie bags of movie candy from a sweets buffet.

To entertain the guests, Sarah and Josh set up a personalized bean bag game in The Atrium. Another entertaining feature was the enormous pair of red panties Josh pulled out from under Sarah’s wedding dress when he was supposed to be removing her garter.

At the end of their day the couple escaped through a crowd of well-wishers who were waving silver batons of silver tinsel. An antique car waited outside the theater to whisk the couple into the night.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

Sarah’s wedding was an extra special event for us. Every wedding day is remarkable, but this bride is a member of our professional family, so there was an extra layer of joy and excitement. Since she’s one of our own, we created two highlight videos of her day to demonstrate the differences in our two most popular types of highlight videos.

The classic highlight video is presented in the order of the day’s events. It includes brief scenes from each part of the day to create an overview. The music in our classic highlight video is taken from the actual songs presented on the wedding day, though other music is often added. The usual classic highlight video is 6-8 minutes long. Most of our brides have chosen this format for their video.

Trailer style videos are becoming increasingly popular with brides, because they are shorter, usually 2-3 minutes. This format is particularly compatible with sharing via smartphone. Like the trailer for a movie, scenes are shown in no particular order and are designed to give the viewer a feel for the atmosphere of the wedding, rather than a summary. Scenes are also visually paired with a single song chosen by the bride and groom, like a music video, instead of the order of events.

Because the theater does not have a center aisle and the wedding party would be coming down the side aisles, Sarah wanted a third videographer. We usually set up with one videographer at the back and another up front, but to get both aisles we needed the third camera. There are other venues in the area which also work better with a third camera. That’s where our twelve years of experience come into play. We’ve probably shot a wedding where your wedding will be and can provide information on the best way to get a great video.

Sarah was also willing to be the guinea pig for a new idea. We’ve been putting a wireless microphone on the groom for many years. Initially we used it as a tool which would provide better sound quality for the vows, but then we discovered how great it was to get that inside peek into the celebrations and so we encourage the groom to wear it until it is time to bid everyone farewell. For Sarah’s wedding, we hid the mic in her bodice and the battery pack went on a strap around her leg. The result was amazing. During the reception, the bride and groom are often talking to separate groups and we only get the conversations with the groom. At Sarah’s reception we got it all. You too might want to consider wearing a wireless mic on your big day.

Whether a bride chooses the classic format or the newer trailer style for her highlight video, we assure her of one thing: No matter what happens, good or bad, on the wedding day, she’ll love her wedding video – and so far, we’ve been right. Contact us now to start planning your wedding video.

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