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Videos Say So Much More

Say So Much More with Wedding VideosSay So Much More with Wedding Videos

A picture may be worth 1000 words but, when it comes to weddings, videos say so much more. Photography is such an ingrained part of the wedding experience most people go on the assumption that there will be a photographer present. However, with the technology available today, a professional Dallas Wedding Videographer can capture nuances of the day that still photography simply can’t. That’s not to say that wedding pictures are outdated and useless, but a video of the ceremony and the reception is like having the keys to Doc Brown’s DeLorean. Anytime in the future, whether it’s a week, a month or on your 50th anniversary, a video will immediately transport you back to the happiest day of your life.

If you’re undecided on whether or not to have a Dallas wedding videographer film your nuptials and the celebration following, take the advice of brides who have been there. The Knot polled brides of weddings past and asked their thoughts on wedding videos, and the results were unanimous. Feedback came from brides who had a videographer and ones who didn’t. All of the women who opted against having their weddings videoed regret the decision, and everyone who decided in favor of a wedding video is pleased that they did — especially the ones who admit that they didn’t want their wedding filmed but did it anyway.

When you step back and take a look at everything that goes on from the moment of the engagement all the way through the end of the reception, it’s obvious that a video of the event itself will be a valuable memento. You’re doing so much, and so much is going on all around you. It’s kind of like being in the eye of a hurricane with no way to slow things down to even get your bearings. A different survey discussed on WedNet points out that videos do a superior job of capturing the essence, emotions and atmosphere of the day. This survey, conducted by Breakthrough Marketing, Inc., confirmed what Knot followers had expressed: that you wouldn’t fully understand how valuable a wedding video was until after the fact. Over 60 percent of brides who didn’t hire a videographer because they didn’t think they’d want a video of their wedding would recommend that future brides opt for the video. Overwhelmingly, each one mentioned missing out on a lot of the festivities and being so busy that they didn’t remember much from the day.

Don’t let the little details of your special day disappear into the past. Take the advice of brides with experience and hire a videographer for your wedding. Filming weddings since 2003, John Lenihan of LeniCam Productions is the Dallas wedding videographer with the experience and skill to perfectly capture your special day in a way that photographs can’t, and at a price that will fit into your wedding budget. A video of your wedding is a priceless time capsule. Entrust LeniCam Productions to record your precious memories for you and for generations to come.



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