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Courting Co-Workers Marry in a Flower Mound Wedding Chapel Captured by Wedding Videographer Dallas TX

Theresa and Dwayne – Le Beaux Chateau in Flower Mound

The first time Dwayne saw Theresa he was waiting for a job interview.  He still remembers the red jacket with a big black button she wore that day.  He got the job and had the opportunity to make friends with the stunning woman in the red jacket.  After several years their friendship warmed into love.  Theresa and Dwayne were married at Le Beaux Chateau in Flower Mound.

Theresa was radiant in her white fitted gown with large crystal accents cascading across the bodice.  The strapless gown with sweetheart neckline and corset closing hugged her torso with shirred satin.  A crystal ornament gathered the gown to the side at her knees.  Below the knees the dress flared out and became a wide poufy train.  The groom looked pretty stunning himself in a white tux with white accessories.  Theresa paid homage to that red jacket on her wedding day.  She and her bridesmaids carried bouquets of red roses.

The beautiful chapel with its leaded glass windows and crystal sconces made a lovely background for a touching wedding ceremony.  On either side of the aisle, pews were draped with white tulle sways held in place with silk magnolias.  At the end of the pews sat a large column candles in a hurricanes surrounded by red rose petals.  A pair of large urns filled with white silk flowers graced the stage.

Dwayne’s sons walked Theresa down the aisle.  Her smile widened as she drew closer to her beloved.  During the ceremony they lighted a unity candle and participated in a sand pouring ritual.  The smiles on their faces were easy to read as they were introduced for the first time as Mr. and Mrs.

A tasty buffet of hors d’oeuvres waited for the guest at the reception.  After the bride and groom entered the ballroom, they shared a first dance and then cut their beautiful cake.  Dwayne was so besotted with his new wife when she offered him a fingerful of icing that he almost forgot their audience.  When they sat down to their first meal, complete with a luscious-looking shrimp cocktail, Dwayne offered up a sweet prayer in thanksgiving for their blessing and in petition for happiness in their marriage.

After an energetic evening complete with line dancing and a hip-hop demonstration by Dwayne’s sons, the couple finally had a moment to themselves.  Dwayne led his new wife, still wearing her veil with her street clothes, in a solo dance and then dipped her low for a perfect ending.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

When Theresa and Dwayne were married, this wedding chapel had a different name.  Since their wedding, the venue manager lost their lease and for several weeks couples didn’t know whether they could have a wedding there or not.  The new management is going strong and the owners of the building consulted with the stranded couples to work things out, so the potential wedding disasters had happy endings.

Few things can be more disruptive to wedding plans than a vendor who goes out of business.  That’s why we’re very proud of the fact that we’ve been doing what we do for over a decade.  As we’ve served the brides of North Texas with videography services we’ve seen a lot of vendors come and go – but we’re still here.  We’re proud of our staying power, in part, because it’s given us a lot of experience.  The proof of that is in the high quality of our videos.

On Theresa and Dwayne’s wedding day, we showed up an hour and a half before the ceremony.  We had a lot of audio and video equipment to unload and set up.  We also wanted to reassure the couple that whatever happened, the videographer was there and ready to go.  After we got set up, we visited the bride and groom as they got ready for their big day.

Another benefit of our experience is our custom-designed remote control video-camera.  Theresa, like most brides, wanted tight close-ups during the vows, but she preferred not to share her big moment with a videographer standing next to her.  Many venues won’t allow a videographer up close during the ceremony, even if the bride was willing for them to be there.  That’s why we developed our proprietary camera.  Because it’s remote control, the videographer is out of sight, monitoring the action on a remote screen.  The camera itself is over to the side, out of the guests’ line of sight, and because it’s a professional grade HD videocamera, we can get high-quality close-ups without being next to the bride.

Our experience has also taught us that we need more audio coverage than the microphone on a videocamera can provide.  We use a lot of microphones and audio feeds to pick of the sounds of the wedding and one of our favorites for this wedding was a wireless mic on Dwayne’s lapel.  With it we picked up a flawless recording of the vow, as well as endearing sentiments like the prayer before their meal and Dwayne’s comments during the cake cutting.

We promise our couples, no matter what happens on your wedding day – good and bad – you’re going to love your wedding video.  Theresa and Dwayne certainly did.

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