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Couple Marries in Lovely Catholic Ceremony with Church Reception in video by Wedding Videographer Dallas TX

Emily and A.J. – St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Garland

The bride primped for her wedding in a white silk robe emblazoned in rhinestones with the word “Bride.”  Meanwhile, on the parking lot, the groom and his attendants were getting in a little touch football.  Emily and A.J. were married at St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in Garland.

Emily’s white satin gown was encrusted with crystal beading.  Her A-line gown with a sweetheart neckline was held in place with wide beaded straps.  Her veil was cathedral length and her bouquet was white calla lilies.

The groom wasn’t nervous at all when he was playing touch foot-ball or when he greeted the guests.  When he moved to the front of the church the story was a little different.  By the time he got to the vows, he required a little coaching to get it all said and he barely held the tears at bay. The groom’s relief was palatable as the couple made their way down the aisle after the ceremony.

The couple was a good-natured pair.  Emily gently teased A.J. about tearing up as they danced their first dance.  Then they mimicked a stabbing with the cake cutting knife.  Even the wedding cake had a sense of fun.  Each layer was a different shape and one layer was decorated in an animal print.  The groom’s cake was the after-scene of a snowmen’s-snowball-fight and only one snowman was left standing.

A.J. was so anxious to start their new life together that after some dancing he trotted out to the car, almost dragging Emily along.  Friends vigorously waved streamers of purple and white as the couple drove away.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

We think a wedding video should do more than record a series of events.  Emily and A.J.s video conveys their quirky sense of humor and their devotion to one another.  In the years to come we want the video to remind them of what they love about one another and why they got married in the first place.  We tell our couples that no matter what happens on their wedding day – good and bad – they are going to love their wedding video…and they always do.

To capture this wedding we arrived an hour and a half before the ceremony to catch the bride in her silk robe and A.J. out playing parking lot football.  All day long, we tried to be everywhere, recording everything, while at the same time remaining invisible to the participants and guests.  We stayed until the couple drove away after the reception.

When we arrived we unloaded a lot of audio and video equipment.  Our cameras are professional grade HD cameras that allow us to get high quality video from the edges from the edge of the crowd because of their zoom capabilities.  We have tripods to hold the cameras completely still during the ceremony and rolling dollies to capture the movement during the reception.

We also have a lot of audio equipment.  We can actually provide the sound system for a wedding if needed, but for this one we just used microphones and audio feeds.  One of the best things we did was place a mic on the groom’s lapel.  That’s how we got his comments before the wedding ceremony and the conversation during the first dance.

We’ve been in the business of vidographing weddings for over a decade and we’ve learned a lot in that time.  We’re familiar with many venues and have relationships with a great number of service providers.  We’ve even developed equipment especially engineered for wedding videography.  We loved the opportunity to use our experience and equipment for Emily and A.J.’s wedding.  Emily and A.J. loved their wedding video and gave us a Five Star rating on The Knot.

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