Theresa and Timothy by Wedding Videographers Dallas

Wedding Videographers Dallas Capture Theresa and Timothy’s  Ceremony and Reception

 Theresa and Timothy at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church and Big Sky Event Hall

The gracefully carved double doors of the ornate church opened to reveal the bride.  Sunshine glowed through her veil creating a halo of light.  The message was clear.  The lucky groom was marrying an angel.  Timothy and his angel, Theresa, were married at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Dallas,Texas.

Theresa did look angelic on her wedding day.  She chose a simple, white satin, A-line gown with a straight shirred bodice and wide straps.  The folds continued down the full skirt.  Her full length veil of soft tulle seemed to float around her, revealing baby’s breath tucked between her tresses.

St. Thomas Aquinas, a stunning example of Gothic architecture, provided an elegant venue for Theresa and Timothy’s wedding.  Their amazing pipe organ filled the church with glorious sound as Theresa’s father escorted her down the aisle.   Waiting with the groom at the altar were the couple’s attendants.  The bridesmaids wore soft crepe dresses in dark olive and the groomsmen sported purple boutonnieres in their tux lapels.  Dramatic floral arrangements with pink gladiolas provided a background for the ceremony.

After the ceremony, friends and family gathered in the church for photos.  Jokes flew among the wedding party members as the photographer lined them up.  Photographers traditionally tell people to say ‘cheese’ when trying to solicit smiles from their subjects, but someone in this crowd called out “cheesecake” instead.  Could they have known what was to come?

After the photo fun, the celebration moved to Big Sky Event Hall  in Royce City . The venue was very name-appropriate for this couple.  Timothy is from Montana, also known as Big Sky Country and that’s where they’ve made their home.  Big Sky sits on a 250 acre family-owned ranch.  Huge trees dot the wide open plain surrounding the venue making it seem as if visitors can see into forever.  The rustic barn-like facility looked particularly festive with white bunting and twinkle lights in the rafters.

The charming couple danced first with one another and also with their parents.  Then came the cheesecake – a whole table of various cheesecakes.   The couple cut one of the delicious offerings and fed the first slice to one another.  After toasting, they linked arms and drank champagne.

At the end of the evening, well wishers showered the couple with rose petals.  Timothy helped Theresa and her large white dress fit into his small red car.  Then they drove away into the sunset.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

This wedding highlight video is just a sampling from Theresa and Timothy’s wedding day.  They chose the beautiful music and our producer edited scenes from their day to fit in with the music.

Through the magic of video, we can create wonderful illusions.  For instance, in the video Theresa recites her vows as if by memory, even though at the wedding she had actually been prompted through each phrase by the priest.

We have other tricks up our sleeve, too.  It seems as if our cameraman must have been standing just behind the groom to get these shots of Theresa, but that would have been distracting to the audience.  So, instead, we have a remote control camera on a tripod just outside of the audience’s line of sight operated by a cameraman up in the choir loft.  This set-up allows us to capture many shots that other videographers have to miss.

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