Videography Wedding Dallas Offers “Forever”

DavidXiaomin 640x360With Videography Wedding Dallas, You Can Have “Forever”

In the Twentieth Anniversary Issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, Editorial Director, Darcy Miller, points out a very important fact: “Film is forever.” She goes on to explain, “while we love our gorgeous [wedding] photos, it’s fun to show our daughters the video – and we get to relive the day, too.”

That’s why we do what we do.  Photos capture a moment, a smile, a dress, but a video will allow you to relive your wedding over and over again – not just the sights of the day, but the sounds and the movement also.


In her “Spotlight on Lessons Learned” article, Ms. Miller, shared some other insights and though all of them were not specifically directed at videography, we think they help make the case for wedding videography.

  • “Set aside a time to take photos after the ceremony.”  We agree with Ms. Miller.  Even if the bulk of your formal photography is taken care of before the ceremony, take time for some photography after the ceremony, because “That’s when you (and everyone else) will feel relaxed and excited,” Ms. Miller points out.  After twelve years of experience, we can tell you she’s right.  We always continue to record right through the post-ceremony photo sessions and that’s the part many of our couples enjoy the most.  Grooms who were nervous wrecks before the ceremony are suddenly ad libing jokes.  Nervous brides who couldn’t even smile thirty minutes ago, beam at the camera after the ceremony.
  • “Stop and soak it in.”  This is really good advice, but like most advice it’s easier to give than to follow – especially on your wedding day.  There are so many people clamoring for attention then that stopping is one thing you can’t do.  If it’s not the officiant or the wedding coordinator barking orders at you, it’s sweet Aunt Adelaide coming to give you a hug.  Perhaps it would have been better if Ms. Miller said, “After you stop, then soak it in.”  A wedding video will allow you to do that.  At the wedding and in the days and weeks following, you will have more to do than you can get done.  That’s no problem if you’ve hired a wedding videographer.  While you go on your honeymoon and get settled into your new life, he’ll be working on your video.  When you look at at the video for the first time, that’s when you’ll stop and soak it in.
  • “The early bird gets the stress-free celebration.” Booking your videographer early helps insure that you’ll get what you want.  The earlier we know that we’re filming your wedding, the better prepared we can be.  Different venues require different equipment.  When we’re booked early-on, you can catch us up with details all along, instead of having to try to remember to tell us everything in one desperate meeting.

Ms. Miller also says,” No one ever regrets hiring a videographer, and my friends who decided to skip it often tell me they wish they hadn’t.”  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Capture your wedding on film and enjoy it forever.

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