Videographer Wedding Dallas TX Saves the Day

The Thrill of the Day: How Videographer Wedding Dallas TX Saved Cornelia and Cameron’s Ceremony


Life is full of ooops moments. Some are small, insignificant situations erased with laughter. Others require a little more effort to rectify. As we video events throughout North Texas we capture a lot of ooops moments. Some are edited out of our finished product. Others are the highlight of our video and become the favorite memory of our clients.

Cornelia and Cameron

Cornelia and Cameron’s love story had more airline miles in it than most of our brides and grooms’ romantic tales. The Navy had Cameron stationed in Japan. Cornelia was here in the States. When Cameron tried to declare his love for Cornelia over the phone, she was having none of it. She wanted to look him in the eye when he confessed his love for her. So Cameron flew her to Japan and did just that.  With a story like that behind their nuptials, we were excited about shooting their wedding.

Setting Up for Their Big Day

On Cornelia and Cameron’s wedding day, LeniCam arrived an hour and a half before the ceremony to set up our equipment and to capture the pre-ceremony excitement, just like we always do. The big, bright Texas sun was still shining outside and the venue was hopping with vendors preparing for the event.
In those crazy moments we always try to touch base with the other vendors, because we view weddings as a team sport. The day can be even more magical for the couple and their guests if there’s synergy among the vendors. Conflicts can be resolved easily, transitions occur smoothly and spirits are high. Because we’ve been filming weddings for over a decade, we’ve become friends with many of the wedding professionals in the area. We enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with the vendors we know and to meet those we haven’t worked with before.

Capturing the Pre-Ceremony Activities

LeniCam videographers visited both the bride and the groom before the ceremony. Cornelia wasn’t the only one wearing white. Cameron donned his Navy Dress White’s to marry his best girl.
As the bride dressed, a present from arrived from her groom which included the key to his heart and a vintage timepiece to mark the happy hours of their life together. It’s not surprising a gift like that would bring tears of joy.

The Wedding Ceremony

As time for the ceremony approached, our videographers made their way to main area of the venue and made sure everything was ready. By that time that big, bright Texas sun had set and the only illumination was candle light.

We weren’t worried, because our cameras provide the light we need, but the musician didn’t have enough light to see his keyboard. When we figured out what the whispers at the back of the room were about, we positioned one of our cameras next to the musician, so he could share our light and kept the other camera close to the ceremony.
Cornelia appeared none the wiser and the ceremony went on without a glitch. It was an oops that never actually happened, because the wedding vendors pulled together and we had the honor of being the hero of the hour.

Videographer Wedding Dallas TXWe Sweat the Small Stuff So You Don’t Have To

We don’t have to save the day at every wedding, but our brides still think we’re heroes. We tell them that no matter what happens on their wedding day, both good and bad, they’re going to love their wedding video – and they always do.

Our experience and our equipment allow us to film good footage. Our compassion allows us to produce remarkable wedding videos. Call us now at 972-378-0446 or email to set up your videography appointment.

LeniCam Video Productions – Videographer Wedding Dallas TX Saves the Day


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