Dallas Videographers Use Unique Videocamera

Tech Talk: Why Dallas Videographers  Use Custom Designed Videocamera

John Lenihan, founder of LeniCam Video Productions, isn’t just another videographer. He’s an engineer. For many years he worked at Rockwell and the wall of his studio is covered with awards and patents from those days. When he sees a problem, he often looks for technology to solve it.

Here Comes the Bride

That moment when the chapel doors open and the bride begins her walk down the aisle is one of the most critical shots we record at a wedding. Then the video audience wants to follow the bride up the aisle and stay in tight during the vows.

Some camera-people, taking both still photography and video, get the aisle shot by scurrying crab-like in front of the bride and parking nearby to film the ceremony. At LeniCam, we feel that’s too invasive and many venues, especially churches, agree with us. A wedding is not a sporting event, so preserving the experience of the bride and groom, as well as that of the guests, is very important to us, even as we work to get the very best shots.

Over the years we tried many strategies for filming wedding ceremonies and eventually created a solution – a custom designed remote videocamera. With this camera we can get the shot of the bride coming down the aisle and close-ups of her vowing to love her groom for ever and ever, without having a videographer at the front to distract from the bride and groom.

Instead, our videographer can be in the balcony or in the rear of the church, using an HD video monitor to see what the camera is seeing. The remote control feature allows the cameraperson to point the camera where he or she wants it, follow the bride down the aisle, zoom in on the close-ups and then pan out to get a wider shot. The camera itself may be on a tripod hiding behind a floral display or attached to a fixture on the wall, wherever it can get the best view without attracting attention away from the ceremony.

Then he developed another improvement. Many wedding venues don’t provide enough light for good quality video. By attaching a light to the videocamera, which could also be operated remotely, illumination can be added to the equation whenever and wherever it’s needed.

Thanks to our exclusive remote control camera, brides can be the star as they walk down the aisle and their guests don’t have rubber-neck around a camera-person. Also with this camera we don’t distract from the ceremony by having a camera-person visible at the front of the church. We place the camera up high, out of the guests’ line of sight and are still able to get close-up of each tender moment. The highlight video on this page is from a wedding where we utilized our custom remote videocamera to get the shots, while our camera-person stayed out of the limelight.

Dallas Wedding Videographer

Custom Designed Videocamera gets the shots others can’t!

We Sweat the Small Stuff So You Don’t Have To

The most important thing LeniCam takes to any event is the desire to capture special moments for the most significant people we know, our clients. The right technology helps us do that, which is the reason we are heavily invested in a wide range of professional quality equipment. We have a fleet of video, audio and photographic equipment. Our tools for editing and mixing are the best in the business. We maintain a secure server to store all our videos. When you trust us with your unique moments of consequence, we take that responsibility very seriously.

Our experience and our equipment allow us to film good footage. Our compassion allows us to produce remarkable videos of your event – whether that’s your wedding or your big game. In fact, we make videos for all kinds of events. Call us now at 972-378-0446 or email info@lenicam.com to set up your videography appointment.

LeniCam Video Productions – Custom Designed Videocamera

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