Wedding Videographer Checklist

 A Checklist of Questions for Your Wedding Videographer

There are so many decisions to make when planning a wedding, but don’t put picking the videographer on the back burner. Here is a Dallas wedding videographer checklist that can help you evaluate which videographer is right for you.

– How long have they been in business?

You don’t want somebody that just picked up their flip camera and is giving it a try. Experience is a must.
– Do they offer Blue Ray and HD DVDs?

Since the trend is going towards HD, a good videographer will have both HD cameras and the ability to create DVDs in HD and Blue Ray formats.

– Do they have multiple cameras/angles?

Depending on your budget you may want to opt for multiple cameras and therefore multiple angles, which will make the video more interesting.

– How is the sound on the videos?
Sometimes slow motion, sappy songs and fancy transitions can mask a fundamental problem: the videographer didn’t capture what was heard. A professional wedding videographer will have wireless microphones on at least the officiant and groom as well as a direct feed from any music sources.

– Do they have recommendations or testimonials?

Look on their website or email them directly to get testimonials from other couples. You want the videographer to be the expert and take care of all the technical details but also connect with you and understand what you want your wedding video to be.
Not every company is the same, and hopefully using this wedding videographer checklist you can decide which one will be the best fit for you. For information about awards Dallas videographers receive and how you should factor them into your decision making check out this blog post.

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