Wedding Videographer Dallas Recommends Limousine Service

Wedding videographer Dallas

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Wedding Videographer in Dallas Recommends Limousine Service for Your Wedding Day


Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

A celebrity climbing out of a long stretch limousine is one of the most iconic scenes in America. The audience immediately realizes someone important has just arrived at a very special event. A bride is the star of her wedding and the event is one of the most special in her life. If you’re the bride, hiring a limousine sets an elegant tone for your special event. If someone special to you is getting married, imagine how much they’d appreciate limo service on their landmark day. You can be the hero who arranges it for them.

Make Your Wedding Day Convenient

As elegant and iconic as it is to step out of a limousine, it’s also very convenient. A wedding day can be a logistical nightmare, but with a hired car and driver at her beck and call, a bride can avoid a lot of bad dreams.

Limousines come in many shapes and sizes: a sedate black town car, a long white stretch Hummer, a great big party bus or even an antique car. Limousine services come in many shapes and sizes, too. They can be hired by the day, the hour or the trip. Drivers can wear uniforms, street clothes or tuxedos. Some limo companies provide extras like concierge services or extra personnel. According to the specifics of the wedding, one limo might not be enough.

The bottom line is this: A bride needs to research local limousine services and choose a company that fits her budget, while offering the vehicle wants and the services she needs. She’ll also want to book it as far ahead as possible. While there are a lot of limousine services in the DFW Metroplex, there are only a limited number of vehicles, especially if you’re interested in a particular type of limo – like that white stretch hummer or an antique Rolls Royce.

Limousines in Wedding Videos

When LeniCam Video Productions, Wedding Videographer Dallas, discusses a wedding with a bride, we’ll be looking for is the logistics of the wedding party. What time will the bride arrive at the church? Will she arrive in her wedding gown or will she be dressing at the venue? Who will be with the bride when she arrives? We’ll want to know the same information about the groom. If the wedding is at a different location than the wedding, then we’ll want to know how the couple is being transported to the second location. And finally, we’ll have questions about the end of the day. How will the bride and groom depart from the wedding?

The final scene of a wedding video, which shows the bride and groom riding or driving away, is one of the most important. All types of vehicles have found their way into our videos: horse and carriages, sports cars, antique cars, pick-up trucks, SUV’s and economy cars.  We also see a lot of limousines. Whatever vehicle(s) are chosen, we make them a part of your wedding video, so the memories will remain fresh forever.

Who Do You Call?WEdding Videographer Dallas

So, if you’re considering using a limousine in your wedding, who do you call? Metroplex brides are lucky, because they have many, many services to choose from. One that we’d suggest calling is Dallas Limousine Services (link). They have an extensive stable of vehicles and their pricing is structured specifically for your needs.

For your wedding video call LeniCam Video Productions, your Wedding Videographer Dallas.



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