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Christine and Walt’s Love Story Joins Dallas Wedding Videos Gallery

Christine and Walt

From the beginning everyone knew Christine was going far.  She attacked life with eagerness, fervor and impatience.  She wanted to get her hands on things, climb a little higher and dance whenever the chance arose.

Her parents encouraged Christine’s adventurous spirit, taking her on vacations around the world and introducing her to a variety of experiences.  When Christine showed an interest in percussion, rehearsals filled their home with drumming.  On a trip to Turkey, while others shopped the bazaars, Christine learned pottery-making and weaving.  Even Christine’s faith, colored by her curiosity, took her on far flung mission trips.

Meanwhile, in Toronto, Walt was living a similar life.  His family had cultural ties to Sri Lanka, so traveling the world to visit family took Walt as many places as Christine visited.  He also had an ear for music, but rather than percussion instruments and dance, he chose keyboards and the trumpet.  Walt’s faith took him to the streets where he played keyboard for sidewalk services.  Walt’s gentle spirit and enthusiasm for life were apparent in the smile he took with him, wherever he was.

Once Christine had high school behind her, she studied in Madrid, Spain and Monterrey, Mexico through Baylor University, earning her degree in International Business.  Though Dallas was her family’s home, it could no longer hold her.  She went to South Korea to teach English.

In one of those turns of fate that suggests a little heavenly assistance, Walt also went to South Korea to teach English after he graduated.  That’s where the couple met.  How could the beautiful Christine resist the handsome Walt?  When their time in South Korea came to an end, both found jobs in Vancouver.

The friendship which began in South Korea blossomed into true love in Vancouver.  The couple continued their travels and enjoyed the beautiful outdoor experiences available in British Columbia.  When they decided to get married, they chose a park in Vancouver for their ceremony and then enjoyed receptions in both Toronto and Dallas.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions – Dallas Wedding Videos

Dallas Wedding VideosChristine and Walt wanted a quiet, intimate wedding day and then they wanted to slip away to a romantic honeymoon in Hawaii.  How could they get the wedding experience they wanted and still share their happiness with family and friends spread out all over the world?  A Love Story Video from LeniCam Video Productions solved their conundrum.

Creating Christine and Walt’s video was a true labor of love for our founder and producer, John Lenihan.  He’s the dad who captured her life on film, from her very first moments.  Of course, this video was special to him, but what he’s learned being Christine’s dad; he brings to every video he produces.

Christine and Walt had their simple ceremony in a beautiful Vancouver Park.  They escaped to Hawaii for their romantic Hawaiian honeymoon.  Then they had two receptions, one in Toronto and one in Dallas.  For the Dallas reception, John gathered up memories from both Christine and Walt.  He wove the photos and video together with special music.

The end result is a lasting tribute to the families of the bride and groom, as well as the story of their romance, topped off with memories of their Toronto reception and the Hawaiian honeymoon.  The beautiful video was the centerpiece of the Dallas reception.  It will also be enjoyed by family and friends who were not able to be in Dallas.  Best of all, Christine and Walt will have it to enjoy for all of their lives.





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