Wedding Videographers Dallas Ready for Anything

The Thrill of the Day:Wedding Videographers Dallas Must Be Ready for Anything

Preparing for Wedding Videography

Whether a wedding is a result of years of planning or a spur of the moment whirlwind, a wedding videographer has to be ready for anything. At LeniCam Video Productions, we know that on your special day, we need to pack more than a camera.

Experience Helps

Every wedding is unique, yet all weddings share a common rhythm. Like a lifeguard peering across a pool of swimmers, an experienced videographer can recognize potential hazards and will be ready to overcome them, before anyone else even has a hint anything is awry.

In more than a decade of wedding videography we’ve had the opportunity to tape weddings in a wide variety of venues: backyards, cathedrals, hotels, gardens, chapels, vineyards and many more. Chances are good we’ve taped a wedding at your venue and if we haven’t we’ve been somewhere similar. What’s more, we’ll gladly preview any venue ahead of time and our experience allows us to know what to look for. We will enhance your video with the venue’s unique characteristics and will know how to avoid any potential difficulties.

Another variable at each wedding is its cultural frame of reference. Some wedding day practices are based on family or faith traditions. Others have their root in a particular country or state. At LeniCam we’ve had the opportunity to interact with couples from all over the world, so we’ll recognize many of the ceremonies and rituals you’ll include in your day.

We’ve also learned that each bride and groom comes to their wedding with their own personal frame of reference, as well as a new outlook that they’ve formed together. These new rituals, customs and preferences are something we look for and try to capture on our wedding videos.

Technology Helps

Sometimes all it takes to save the day is the right technology. Like the day a musician showed up and discovered there wasn’t enough light for him to see his keyboard. Since LeniCam’s video cameras have lights, we positioned one of our cameras near the musician. We were able to tape the wedding and keep the music playing.

When LeniCam arrives at your wedding, the first thing we do is unload our equipment – and there’s a lot. We don’t just bring what we know we’ll need, we bring items we might need and we also bring back-up (with back-ups for the back-up). Yet whatever equipment you see at a wedding is just a fraction of our total inventory. Our inventory is part of the reason we can effectively film all kinds of events in all kinds of places.

We Sweat the Small Stuff So You Don’t Have To

The most important thing LeniCam takes to any wedding is the desire to capture special moments for important people. For that reason, we are acutely aware of nuances we see in brides, grooms, wedding party members, officiants and guests.

At a recent wedding, we were capturing the excitement as finishing touches were added to the bride’s hair and dress. The bride, who’d been enjoying the banter in the room, suddenly became very quiet. Before the bride’s mother could say, “I think the bride needs some quiet time,” our cameraperson was folding up his tripod and ushering extraneous visitors and vendors out of the room.

It didn’t matter what shot we were about to take. What mattered was the bride’s need for privacy. Brides love our finished product and they appreciate our sensitivity to their needs on their special days.

Our experience and our equipment allow us to film good footage. Our compassion allows us to produce remarkable wedding videos. Call us now at 972-378-0446 or email to set up your videography appointment.


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