Bridal Show Advice from Wedding Videographers Dallas TX

Wedding Videographers Dallas Tx Give Advice to Brides for Upcoming Show

Dallas Bridal Show, January 24-25, 2015, at Market Hall

If you’re making plans to be at this year’s bridal show, then you’ll want to be sure and drop by the LeniCam Video Productions booth. We’re sponsoring a really fun contest and you could win a free Love Story Video, professionally produced by us. Find more about that here and then start rehearsing your lines.
Attending the bridal show is a great way to jump start your wedding plans if you’ve just gotten engaged, but if you’ve been planning your wedding for a while now, the show can help you tie up loose ends or solve the problem you’ve been struggling with. You’ll have all kinds of wedding vendors gathered together in one place, cutting down on the time you have to spend on research and making side-by-side comparisons easier. You can taste cakes, see the latest bridal fashions and pick up myriads of wedding day ideas.

Perhaps you haven’t thought about it yet, but who’s with you (or not with you) at the show can make a big difference in how successful the day is for you.

Going It Alone

Some brides want to do it all by themselves and that might be you. If you find the advice of well-meaning friends and family counterproductive, then you don’t want to be distracted by the static of dissenting opinions.

For you, we recommend a good pair of walking shoes and a comprehensive list. It’s all the company you’ll need at the bridal show. Managing an entourage is not how you want to spend the day. After the show, you can share your decisions and new ideas with family and friends.

The Buddy System

While there are a lot of lone wolves out there, you might want help as you wade through the waves of decisions you’re facing. Maybe that helper is your mom or a best friend. It might be your groom. Maybe it’s someone from work that you’re used to tackling projects with.

Whoever your number one consultant is, the one you trust, bring them to the show. Sit down with them before the show and outline what you want to accomplish. Assign them the chore of keeping on task, because there will be a lot of opportunities to get distracted. For instance, if you’ve already got a wedding dress on order, there’s no reason to linger in the dress aisle. Your buddy should drag you to the vendors you need to see, rather than adding to your confusion by second guessing the choices you’ve already made.

Your buddy should be on your team. If your sister doesn’t like your groom, dragging her to a bridal show is not going to change her mind. If your mom doesn’t share your vision for an outdoor ceremony, her presence at the show will be more frustrating than helpful. This is your wedding, be wise about who you allow into the planning of it.

The Entourage

We’ve noticed that some brides come to the show with what can only be described as an entourage. These large groups can have a lot of fun, tasting cake and getting their nails done, but you aren’t going to get very many decisions made, while acting as the director of entertainment. If you’re going to have a very long engagement or you’ve pretty much decided everything except a few details, then making this a girls’ day out can be fun. If you’re planning on this being a productive day, the more people who come along, the less you’re going to get done.

When You Get Home

Brides are busy people. Everything you usually manage, like your job, your home and your family, keeps on needing you. You also want to enjoy the romance of your engagement with your intended. On top of all this, you have a wedding to plan. It would be very easy to come home from the bridal show and never open your tote bag. Don’t waste the day that way.
Sort through the things you picked up at the bridal show and act on them immediately. That might mean setting an appointment or adding an item to your to do-list. Perhaps you’ll need to do some price checking on an inspiration from the show. Rescue the important items from your tote bag and file the rest – and perhaps the best place to file some of it is the trash can.

Come See Us

Whether you come alone, bring a buddy or all your buddies. Come see us at the LeniCam Video Productions booth. You’ll meet some of our staff and see one of our professional grade videocameras. You’ll also get the chance to enter our contest. We can’t wait to meet you!

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