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Michelle Pourciau

Photographer Joins Wedding Videographers for Dallas TX at LeniCam Video Productions

LeniCam Video Productions, Wedding Videographers for Dallas TX, are no strangers to photography. From time to time we have provided photographs as a part of our services to a client, but now we actually have a dedicated photographer as a part of our team.

Welcome Michelle Pourciau!


Son Joshua Inspires a Passion for Photography

Michelle was always interested in photography and thirteen years ago bought her first 35mm camera. When her son, Joshua, was born she wanted to capture everything about him, without missing a moment. What had once been an interesting hobby became her passion. When Joshua turned eleven he insisted she find new subjects, so she made photography her career.

“Pictures should not be locked up in computers and phones,” Michelle adamantly insists.

She wants everyone to live with their photographic images. “Surround yourself with fun family photos,” she advises. As far as Michelle is concerned, taking the photos should be a part of the fun. When an older woman approached the photographer about an “obituary” photo, the potential client saw the task as a burden. The woman anticipated going to a studio and sitting on a stool while the photographer peppered her with instructions to lift her chin and turn to the left.

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Taking photos should be part of the fun

Instead Michelle took the client to the park and the two chatted as they strolled along, snapping candid shots without posing. The photographs were great and the woman loves them, but even more she enjoys the memory of the day, out in the park with her photographer friend.

To hone her skills, Michelle has taken classes at a local college. She’s adept at both Photoshop and Lightroom . She’s worked as a video director for two

Great photography, whatever the occasion.

Great photography, whatever the occasion.

churches. For the last two years she’s won ribbons at the State Fair of Texas. The Coppell Rotary Club used her work for their 2014 calendar and she’s won the “photo of the day” numerous times at Capture Dallas . See Michelle’s fun family photos at the See Me in Pictures website and on Facebook . When Michelle is not at LeniCam Video Productions or out taking pictures, she’s busy being Joshua’s mom and Jonathan’s wife. She also teaches water aerobics and senior adult fitness.

Get in the Picture

Whatever special occasion you’re planning, from a bar mitzvah to a wedding, make it easy on yourself. With one call you can get a great photographer and wonderful Wedding Videographers for Dallas TX at LeniCam Video Productions.

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