Wedding Videographers’ Legacy Brides

Dallas Wedding Videographers Are a Family Affair

Families Invite Us Back for Bride After Bride After Bride

Any company will tell you referrals are the best compliment they can get.  We love them, too.  We especially love it when one sister recommends us to another.  We call these our Legacy Brides and in some families we’re on our third sister.

Every Wedding Is Special

We’re honored every time we book a wedding.  We know there are no do-overs on a wedding day.  When someone hires us, whether it’s the bride, the groom, a family member or a friend, they are taking us into their trust.

Every wedding is special to us.  We want to know everything we can about the bride and groom, their families and their friends. We want to capture what’s unique about each of them and what makes them unique as a couple.  We also want to include shots of every guest. Whether the day is packed with tradition or full of creative innovations, we want to be ready.

As soon as we get through recording one wedding, we start getting ready for the next.  We recharge all our equipment and get fresh batteries, so we never have to make excuses.  As we pack up for a wedding, we load up multiples of everything, checking and double checking to be sure that we have cords, covers, lenses and tripods.

Once a wedding has been recorded, we archive everything on our private secure server.  We never want to have to tell someone that we can’t produce their video because we lost their footage.  If they call us because a tragedy has taken away their videos,  we always want to be able to produce copies.  We understand just how valuable every moment of a wedding is to you.

Legacy Brides Raise the Stakes

With every completed video we deliver, we get a deep sense of gratification.  By then, we’ve invested a lot in the couple.  We’ve worked to earn their business.  We’ve gotten to know them as we’ve planned towards their wedding day.  We’ve done a lot of work prepping for the wedding.  On the most important day in a couple’s lifetime, we’ll be there.  We’ll hear the vows they make to one another, watch them cut their wedding cake and listen to the toasts and dedications.  Then we’ll go back to the studio and spend the next several weeks creating a first draft.  We’ll share the proof with the couple and take their edits.  We’ll create their disc and decorate their cover.  We’re always as excited about the creation process as our couples are.

Our couples always tell us how much they love the videos.  Many of our couples go on to rate and review us on sites like Wedding Wire, The Knot and Yelp.  We do a lot of work by referral…and then there are our Legacy Brides.  Sometimes it is the bride we’ve already videoed that will give us the good news of their sister’s engagement.  Other times it’s the new bride who calls us.

When we get that second (or third) booking from a family, it raises the stakes.  We want to honor the trust of the first bride from the family.  We want the second (or third) bride to feel every bit as special as the first bride did.  In the meantime, we want every one else among their family and friends to be thrilled with the prospect of seeing us again.

Extra Special Moments

The short excerpt above is from a recent wedding.  We haven’t even delivered the finished product to the bride and groom, but we wanted to share this moment with you.

Kids are always cute in a wedding.  We know while we’re filming flower girls and ring bearers that their footage is going to be among the favorite moments of the completed video.  As cute as kids are, it is their relationship to the couple and their family that makes the footage so precious to the audience.

In this video, a Legacy Bride includes her infant nephew in her ceremony – a nephew who is the child of one of our couples.  The first bride was married in the same church, by the same minister and her reception was held at the same place as the Legacy Bride.  Like the family and friends of the bride, we had a relationship to the nephew.  We’d been there when his parents were married.  Enjoy this clip.

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