Dallas Event Videographer, More Than Weddings

Dallas Event Videographer Produces Recital, Sports and Corporate Videos As Well

LeniCam Video Productions, Dallas Event Videographer, was founded in 2003, but our founder, John Lenihan recorded a wedding for the first time in 1977. The wedding was his own. Technology has changed a lot since then, but the intense desire to capture once-in-a-lifetime events to be enjoyed over and over is the same.

icon_01Wedding Videography

Weddings are where we started and we still do more wedding videos than any other kind, but we go to a lot more weddings than John could shoot himself. On any given weekend during wedding season our experienced Dallas Event Videographer teams go to multiple weddings, in pairs and alone – often to more than one wedding in a single day.

Our experience is important, but so is our equipment. We’ve custom-designed proprietary video cameras that allow us to get the shots other videographers can’t. We know the wedding venues in Dallas and the Metroplex, and our equipment allows us to shoot around their rules for videography equipment and camera-persons. Our remote control video cameras keep us in the background while we capture tight close-ups of wedding vows. Our hands-free lapel microphones pick up the important words of the day without requiring anyone to juggle a hand mic or be tied to a microphone stand. Our wheeled dollies can smoothly follow you across the dance floor and out to your waiting limousine. We’re ready for your wedding.

icon_02Sports Videography

You name the sport and we have the videos. Our sports clients range from High School Booster Clubs who hire us to create season videos of varsity football teams to individual players who want to send lacrosse highlight videos to prospective colleges. When it comes to sports, we’re not just fair-weather friends, either. We’re prepared to record, if you’re going to play, no matter what the Texas skies deliver.

As we have with weddings, we’ve also developed proprietary equipment that helps us out on the sidelines. After competing with soccer moms and football dads for a spot next to the field, we figured out a way to have our videographer on the ground, but our camera up above the spectators. That guy on the sidelines with the ski mask might be our Dallas Event Videographer using special glasses to monitor our video camera shots. The remote control allows him to direct the camera to follow the action.

icon_03Special Events Videography

Weddings aren’t the only special events we capture. We’re busy with special occasions of every variety. We cover school events from stage productions to banquets, personal events from bar mitzvahs to quinceaneras and recitals of every kind.

We’re very strong in recitals. We’ll be very glad to capture your little sweetheart on her special day, but we can do more than that. Many organizations in the area turn to us to create videos of their performances because we provide turnkey service. We record the footage, produce customized videos and distribute the finished product.

icon_04Corporate Videography

The business solutions videography offers are limitless, especially in this digital world. You need an app for that? We can help. Training, marketing, human resources, recruiting, documentation, verification, litigation, conferences? We’ve been there and we’ve done that. We can set up your scene, write your script, direct your participants, capture your footage and distribute your video. This Dallas Event Videographer does what we do, so you can stay focused on what you do.

Videography Synergy

What we’ve discovered by producing all these different types of videos is that we’re better in each and every type of videography, because of the lessons we’ve learned in the others. We’re better prepared to meet the needs of one client, because we’ve met the needs of others. For instance, the equipment we developed for the soccer sidelines recently solved a wedding venue conundrum – and that kind of synergy happens often.
Another benefit of our wide-reaching lenses is the inventory of equipment we are able to maintain. Our shelves are full of video, audio and photography equipment. We can produce DVDs, Blu-Ray, digital and live feed. Beyond just a wide variety of cameras and video cameras, we have lights, microphones, speakers, projectors, dollies, tripods and more. We also store your footage on our secure servers.

LeniCam Video Productions, an award-winning wedding videographer is the Dallas Event Videographer you can call for all your audio/visual needs. Call or email us today to discuss your project.

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