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Dallas Videographers Use Unique Videocamera

Tech Talk: Why Dallas Videographers  Use Custom Designed Videocamera John Lenihan, founder of LeniCam Video Productions, isn’t just another videographer. He’s an engineer. For many years he worked at Rockwell and the wall of his studio is covered with awards and patents from those days. When he sees a problem, he often looks for technology to solve it. Here Comes the Bride That moment when the chapel doors open and the bride begins her walk down the aisle is one of the most critical shots we record at a wedding. Then the video audience wants to follow the bride up the Read more
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Wedding Videographer Dallas Says You’ll Have a Great Wedding Video

The Thrill of the Day:  Wedding Videographer Dallas Says, "No Matter What, You'll have a Great Wedding Video" Here’s a promise we make to all our brides: No matter what happens during your wedding day, both good and bad, from beginning to end - you’re going to love your wedding video. How can we make that promise? Allow us to explain. We Record a Lot of Video Footage LeniCam Video Productions, Wedding Videographer Dallas, will arrive at least an hour and a half before the ceremony and shortly after we arrive we’re ready to start shooting. We offer a variety of packages, so Read more
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