Jordan and Josh by Wedding Videographers Dallas

Wedding Videographers Dallas Capture Jordan and Josh at Ashton Gardens

 Jordan and Josh at Ashton Gardens in Corinth, Texas

To symbolize their new union, Jordan and Josh each poured salt from individual small bags into a common container.  Tradition says their union can only be broken when each grain of salt can be separated out and given to the one who offered it.  The couple was married at Ashton Gardens in Corinth, Texas.

The beautiful bride chose a strapless lace A-line gown with tiny covered buttons down the back for her wedding day.  Around her waist she tied a satin ribbon in taupe adorned with fabric flowers.  Her bridesmaid, also in long strapless gowns, were in deep blue.  Their gowns were empire-waited.

Because of the three large windows surrounding the Ashton Garden’s chapel, it appeared that the couple was being married in a forest.  Black wrought iron candelabra with white candles provided an elegant background and white columns topped with flowers finished the lovely décor.

Before the wedding, Jordan enjoyed the comfort of Ashton Garden’s dressing room while Josh chatted with our videographers under a sunlit pergola.  After the ceremony, everyone strolled from the pretty chapel to the luxurious reception space.  Jordan and Josh made a grand entrance down the large curved staircase.  The gorgeous space with its brocade walls and crystal chandeliers also has large windows looking out on the woods.

A live band entertained the guests.  The couple danced their first dance together and then danced with their parents.  Jordan cried as she danced with her father.  The tears gave way to laughter as she and Josh cut their cake.

The beautiful wedding cake, decorated with large red roses, looked as if it had been wrapped in yards and yards of white organza ribbon.  The couple cut the first piece and then shared it.  The playful bride demurely accepted a bite from Josh and then shoved a bite into his face.  The groom good-naturedly wiped away his misplaced helping of icing.

Guests enjoyed dancing to the live band and hamming it up with props from the photo booth.  As the couple departed the guests showered them with confetti.  About halfway down the sidewalk, Josh stopped and dipped Jordan for a kiss which the guests heartily applauded.  The couple drove away in a white vintage car.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions

Jordan and Josh were working with a tight budget.  Still, having a video of their wedding day was important to them.  We understood that.  We’ve filmed many weddings at Ashton Gardens and for most of them we use two cameras.  However, to help Jordan and Josh stay within their budget, we figured out how to capture the wedding and create the illusion of multiple vantage points  with only one camera.

We put the camera on a rolling tripod.  That way we had the best of both worlds – the stability of a tripod for quality shots and the mobility of wheels.  When we took the footage back to the studio, there was a lot of editing to do, but the final product was appreciated by the frugal  couple.

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