When to Book Your Videographer for Dallas Wedding

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LeniCam videographers interview groom at Ashton Gardens.

When is the Right Time to Book Your Videographer for Dallas Wedding?

We hear it a lot. “I really want a wedding video, but I’m waiting to see if I can afford it.”

We hear it a lot and it breaks our hearts.  Much too often we see  brides who delay booking videography and then discover they can’t afford it.  Sure, we hate losing a potential booking, but wedding videography is more than a business for us.  We see our work as an investment in the future.

Most of the things you spend money for on your wedding have a one day shelf life.  Of course, there are exceptions.  You’ll probably save the top of your wedding cake to eat on your first anniversary and some wedding dresses are handed down generation to generation, but most everything else is swept away; from expensive floral displays to notes played by the live band.  It’s all as ephemeral as bubbles and sparklers at the end of the day – unless you’ve got it all on video.

What the Experts Say

If wedding videography is something you want, then Martha Stewart suggests you put it in the budget from the beginning.  She suggests a full ten percent of your budget should be set aside for photography and videography.  She acknowledges that “discussing finances is like watching a love scene in a movie with your parents,” but it has to be done and it makes all the other uncomfortable discussions go a lot easier.

So once you’ve got it in the budget, when do you actually hire us?  Most specialist recommend 8-10 months before your wedding day.  Here’s a couple of experts we respect, but you’ll find that most others agree with these.

  • The Knot Texas – “8-10 months before… Research and book your wedding professionals. Interview vendors: photographer, videographer, reception band or DJ, florist.”
  • D Wedding – “Eight to 10 months before…Hire your photographer and videographer.”

Why So Soon?

Wedding Videography comes in all sizes, prices, technology and styles.  It may seem that there are plenty of videographers out there to choose from, but when you actually start comparing them to each other, you’ll find it’s a very different story.  When you take everything into consideration, there will be only a handful of videographers that actually fit your criteria.  The closer you get to your wedding day, the fewer videographers you’ll have to choose from, because other brides may have already booked your top choices.

Because there are so many videographers out there, it will take time to narrow down your list.  Then you won’t want to depend on highlight films and price lists posted on the internet.  A wedding video is more than a 60 second teaser.  You’ll want to know your videographer’s style, what’s included in the price they are quoting and if their equipment is even allowed in your venue.

If you’re planning a wedding, we’d like to talk to you.  We’ll sit down with you and ask questions about the details of your wedding and your budget.  We’ll show you the customization options you have and let you preview actual wedding videos we’ve produced.  Then you’ll know if LeniCam Video Productions is the right videographer for your wedding day.  We happen to think we just might be.  Call us now at 972-378-0446 for your appointment.

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