Samantha and Damien in Dallas Wedding Videos

Samantha and Damien’s Ceremony in Dallas Wedding Videos

Samantha and Damien at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Plano, TX

The church was buzzing with matrimonial activity. A beautiful bride was helped into her gorgeous gown while her charming father helped her nervous groom insert studs into his tuxedo shirt. Samantha and Damien were married at Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church in Plano, Texas.

As Samantha climbed up through the pleated organza ruffles of her wedding dress, a bridesmaid peeked through the opening in the top and said, “There’s a girl in there” – and what a pretty girl it was. The bride emerged from the strapless gown maneuvering its straight neckline into place. She stood before a mirror as a bridesmaid laced up the gown’s corset closing. The front of the fit-and-flare gown was bedecked with lace encrusted in pearls and crystals which spiraled down the shirred satin of the torso-hugging bodice. The ruffles on the skirt wound round and round, to the tip of her train. Dark brown hair trimmed in pearls could be seen through a pearl-studded tulle veil trimmed in satin. Pearls and crystal also glowed from the bride’s earrings, necklace and bracelet. The effect was stunning.

Samantha’s bridesmaids wore short, one-shouldered dresses in deep purple, which matched the purple silk boutonnieres on the groomsmen. The bride carried a large mixed bouquet complimented by the bridesmaid’s bouquets which were a smaller version of the bride’s. The church was decorated with large arrangements of white flowers accented with red carnations. Everything went smoothly thanks to Vana Nutt, the church’s wedding coordinator.

As Damien stood at the front of the church waiting for his bride to enter the church he was visibly nervous, but excited about ceremony. Just moments before he’d recorded a message for Samantha, “I love you so very much. I’m glad I get to spend the rest of my life with you.”

During the traditional ceremony, the bride and groom lit a unity candle to symbolize their new life. After the priest pronounced them man and wife, he hesitated before allowing them to kiss. The short pause was electric with anticipation. Given permission to kiss his bride, Damien dipped her deeply for the affectionate caress. The couple delivered roses to their mothers as they left the front of the church.

After the ceremony, family, friends and participants posed for Frederick Ruffner of F.A.R.J. Photography (link to Photographer). After one pose the bride delivered a hug to the priest. In another pose, the groom was especially grateful for the opportunity to give his bride a greatly extended kiss. When the pictures were over, the bride and groom disappeared through an ornate gate and turned a corner into their new life.

Behind the Scenes with LeniCam Video Productions, Dallas Wedding Videos

Samantha and Damien got ready in different parts of the church, but through the magic of video they will always be able to enjoy those moments together. This highlight is just a quick sample of their full length wedding video. LeniCam provided five combo DVD/BluRay packages to the bride and groom and posted this highlight online to be shared with family and friends.

In this ceremony-only, one-camera shoot, we used our experience in recording, editing and mixing to make it appear as if multiple cameras were shooting from a variety of angles. This enhances the viewing experience. Another trick we’ve learned is to put a wireless microphone on the groom’s lapel so that every word of the vows can be heard clearly on the video.

We promised Samantha and Damien that no matter what happened – good and bad – on their wedding day, they would love their wedding video; and they did.

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