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Dallas Wedding Videos From Many Angles

Videographer Uses Many Angles and Distances For Dallas Wedding Videos One of the things that sets a Hollywood movie apart from an amateur's video of his vacation is variety of angles and distances used in filming.  A director will have many cameras shooting the same scene and use various methods to follow the action according to the mood he is trying to set.  Dallas Wedding videos need the same variety. Imagine how many ways there are to film a man walking down a road.  He could be filmed from the front or the back or anywhere along both sides.  The shot can be Read more
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Heather and Jacob in Dallas Wedding Videos

Heather and Jacob’s Ceremony and Reception in Dallas Wedding Videos Heather and Jacob at Chandler’s Gardens in Celina, Texas In a quiet glade, among tall trees, guests listened to crickets chirping and breezes sighing as they waited for a wedding ceremony to begin. Jacob was nervously awaiting his bride in his place next to the minister. The laughing and jokes from moments ago had disappeared Heather appeared on her father’s arm and Jacob broke into a smile. Heather and Jacob were married at Chandler’s Gardens in Celina, Texas. Before the wedding, Heather sat patiently as her long brown tresses were urged into Read more
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Samantha and Damien in Dallas Wedding Videos

Samantha and Damien’s Ceremony in Dallas Wedding Videos Samantha and Damien at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church in Plano, TX The church was buzzing with matrimonial activity. A beautiful bride was helped into her gorgeous gown while her charming father helped her nervous groom insert studs into his tuxedo shirt. Samantha and Damien were married at Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church in Plano, Texas. As Samantha climbed up through the pleated organza ruffles of her wedding dress, a bridesmaid peeked through the opening in the top and said, “There’s a girl in there” - and what a pretty girl it was. Read more
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Christine and Walt – Love Story on Dallas Wedding Videos

Christine and Walt’s Love Story Joins Dallas Wedding Videos Gallery Christine and Walt From the beginning everyone knew Christine was going far.  She attacked life with eagerness, fervor and impatience.  She wanted to get her hands on things, climb a little higher and dance whenever the chance arose. Her parents encouraged Christine’s adventurous spirit, taking her on vacations around the world and introducing her to a variety of experiences.  When Christine showed an interest in percussion, rehearsals filled their home with drumming.  On a trip to Turkey, while others shopped the bazaars, Christine learned pottery-making and weaving.  Even Christine’s faith, colored Read more
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