Wedding Videography: A Great Investment

gall_01Value of Wedding Videography Grows with Time

A wedding day is one of the most important milestones in life.  A wedding video captures the sights and sounds of the day.  It’s one of the few things you can buy for your wedding that will be a part of your life after the festivities are over.  It’s true value increases with time.

Planning Ahead

Most of the brides we met at the recent bridal shows were just beginning their wedding planning.  Many were still unsure of their exact date or venue.  The July 2015 bridal shows seemed to primarily attract women who were planning a wedding in May of 2016.  When we asked if they’d booked their videographer, we could tell most of the brides-to-be hadn’t given videography a passing thought – and who can blame them with so many details demanding their attention.

We understand the urgency of finding the right venue and the perfect dress.  In fact, because we’ve been capturing weddings for twelve years, we may understand it more than most.  That’s why we urge you to keep vidoegraphy in your budget.

Every Decision is Critical

Because a wedding is such an important milestone, every decision concerning the event seems monumental.  To make it even more challenging, every item associated with weddings seems prohibitively expensive and everything comes with added costs brides haven’t included in their budget. so most brides go over their budget.  Just Google “Overbudget Bride” and you’ll see the result.  Here’s recent article from Bride’s magazine which discusses this common problem.

At the same time, our media rich society is focused on urging brides to spend more.  Television channels air shows like Four Weddings and Say Yes to the Dress.  Social sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feed the frenzy.  Wedding Wire and the other wedding specific sites clamor for a bride’s billfold.  It’s almost as if they are telling you that you can buy happiness.

That’s how videography ends up getting cut out of the budget.  Most brides want a full length wedding video to commemorate their special day, but many end up settling for a slideshow from their photographer or a brief highlights video.  We love wedding photography and include the popular highlights film in our packages, but nothing can replace a full-length professionally-produced wedding video and the longer you’re married the more value the video has.

Choose Wisely

The real purpose of a wedding is to initiate a new journey with the love of your life.  It’s not a destination in and of itself.  That’s why wedding videography is such a smart choice.  The cake will spoil, the dress will go out of style and the favors will be forgotten, but if you have a wedding video, the value of each dollar spent is multiplied over time.

“It went by so quickly!”  That’s what every couple tells us.  They spent months and years planning the perfect event and the day is such a whirlwind, they can’t recall most of it.  A full-length, professionally-produced wedding video restores their memories.  Photography delivers precious moments, but videography saves all the sights, sounds, and movement of your day, not only for the bride and groom, but for little people who weren’t even born yet and would like to hear mommy and daddy’s vows or see them dancing together some day in the future.

Book Now

Don’t let videography get squeezed out of your wedding budget.  Call us today and book your wedding date.  In the days and weeks after your wedding you’ll be glad you did, but in the years and decades to come, you’ll be even happier.

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