Dallas Wedding Videos From Many Angles

Dallas Wedding VideosVideographer Uses Many Angles and Distances For Dallas Wedding Videos

One of the things that sets a Hollywood movie apart from an amateur’s video of his vacation is variety of angles and distances used in filming.  A director will have many cameras shooting the same scene and use various methods to follow the action according to the mood he is trying to set.  Dallas Wedding videos need the same variety.

Imagine how many ways there are to film a man walking down a road.  He could be filmed from the front or the back or anywhere along both sides.  The shot can be a closeup or wide angle.  The camera could move with the walking man or remain stationary while the man moves.  Usually when we’re watching a movie, the director allows the audience to see scenes shot in all these different ways and more.

Wedding videos should be recorded in the same way.  To make a wedding video enjoyable for the audience, it should be shot from various angles and with a variety of treatments.  We’ve talked to brides who didn’t want a wedding video at all, until they saw one of our videos.  They imagined one camera sitting at the back of the ceremony and wondered who would ever want to sit and watch that.  Seeing the variety and excitement of a LeniCam wedding video gave them a completely different point of view.

Getting a Variety of Shots

We can add variety to our videos with the settings on our professional-grade HD videocameras.  This is where our choice of equipment and the  experience of our videographers really count.  Deciding how much light to allow and choosing whether to get a close-up or wide angle depend on the capabilities of the camera and the ability of the cameraperson.

Another method to add variety to a video is to have multiple videocameras.  Then the action can move back and forth between focal points.  For instance, when the doors open on the bride, viewers want to see how beautiful she is, but they also want to see the look on the groom’s face when he sees her in that moment.  In our multi-camera shoots, one camera is stationed at the back of the church to record the groom, while a camera at the front of the church captures the bride.  Our lenses allow us to get both closeups and wide angle shots, while our producer edits and mixes the shot to make watching the video seem as natural as it feels to be sitting in the room watching the wedding live.

Multiple cameras with multiple audio feeds also help us cover up slips of the tongue or ungraceful moments.  When we go back to the studio with all the audio and video footage from a wedding, we can work all kinds of miracles.  Take for instance a bride who forgot to throw away her chewing gum.  By mixing the footage from different cameras and doing a little fancy editing, we completely eradicated any evidence of the gum-chewing.

Even when there is only one camera there are editing tricks that can give a multi-camera look to a single camera shoot.  For instance, if the venue will allow our cameraman to use a tripod with a dolly, he can move from place to place.  The frames between the two angles which show his movement can be edited up.

These are just a few tricks of the trade LeniCam uses to make your event video look like a Hollywood movie.  Contact us today for the wedding video of your dreams

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