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Dallas Event Videos – How Many Cameras

Dallas Event Videos look even better when recorded with multiple cameras. Why Two Cameras Are Better Than One in Dallas Event Videos The Magic of Media There's magic in media.  Selfies, Instagram and You Tube - these internet tools have transformed our lives.  A small device we can carry in our pocket has changed the way we share and remember our experiences.  Professionally produced Dallas Event Videos can supercharge these memories for special occasions. Your smartphone is a media tool.  A professional videographer arrives at your event with an entire arsenal of media tools.  LeniCam videographers use professional grade HD Read more
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Cooking Videos by Dallas Video Production Company

[wpvideo BZdJUe69] Dallas Production Company Creates Media for a Gambian-Inspired Cookbook West African Prospective by Margaret Ellis Cookbook Author: Margaret (Badjan) Ellis Looking for something delicious to try for dinner?  Then you might just want to try out this new cookbook. Margaret Ellis knew she was onto something.  Those delicious meals recipes her mother had been preparing for over forty years back in The Gambia, West Africa?  Margaret knew other people would be interested in them, too.  Many West Africans have come to the United States and lost touch with their cultural food heritage.  Helping these people reconnect with their culinary roots was Read more
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Old Wedding Videography Can Get New Technology

Turn Old Wedding Videography into New Technology Twelve years ago when LeniCam Video Productions first started producing wedding videography, DVD's were just gaining popularity and BlueRay was a thing of the future, but people were videoing weddings long before that.  If you got married when people were still arguing about whether VHS or Beta tapes were better, then you probably couldn't watch your wedding video if you wanted to, because you threw out your VCR a long time ago.  If your wedding video is on a reel, then you know technology has changed.  No matter what technology your wedding was recorded Read more
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Green Screen by Dallas Video Production

Shooting the Green Screen Video Dallas Video Production Company Shoots Green Screen Music Video What is Green Screen? You know when the weatherman shows you a map on TV?  Well, he's not really standing in front of a map.  He's standing in front of a blank screen.  The map is actually generated elsewhere and technology merges the two images to let the viewer see the weatherman pointing out a storm front. Special effects companies do the same thing.  They film your favorite characters or space ships or whatever and then superimpose them onto whatever landscape they want to.  We all know Read more
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Dallas Event Videographer Has an Eye in the Sky

Dallas Event Videographer Shoots from Above "Do you have a drone?"  It's a question we've been hearing a lot of lately.  Drones are in the news and many videographers and photographers are touting expensive packages which include their use. Is this a good way to spend your wedding dollars? Getting the Bird's Eye View Unlike many videography companies, LeniCam is a full-time video production service which produces videos for many types of occasions, events and purposes.  While weddings are the heart of our business, we find synergistic connections in all of our work. As our founder, John Lenihan, trotted along the sidelines of sporting Read more
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Dallas Wedding Videos From Many Angles

Videographer Uses Many Angles and Distances For Dallas Wedding Videos One of the things that sets a Hollywood movie apart from an amateur's video of his vacation is variety of angles and distances used in filming.  A director will have many cameras shooting the same scene and use various methods to follow the action according to the mood he is trying to set.  Dallas Wedding videos need the same variety. Imagine how many ways there are to film a man walking down a road.  He could be filmed from the front or the back or anywhere along both sides.  The shot can be Read more
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Wedding Videography Dallas by the Numbers

Check the Numbers for Wedding Videography Dallas Five is better than one. All wedding videography is not created equal.  Many of the decisions a bride has to make about her wedding day are completely subjective.  How does the dress fit?  Which cake tastes best?  Which venue is right?  But sometimes, looking at the numbers can make things clearer.  Here are some Wedding Videography Dallas numbers which could make your decision easier.  One to One Ratio Our ratio of videographers to videocameras is one to one.  That means every camera will have someone operating it.  This allows us to follow the action with a variety Read more
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Allow Your Wedding Videographer to Focus

Your Wedding Videographer Needs to Focus on Videography The All-in-One Promise "It slices! It dices! It grates! It will even julienne french fries." Somewhere along the way, on TV or at a trade show, we've all heard a salesman promise their tool can replace every other tool in your kitchen. Yet, when you get home, you discover that while the gadget will do all of the tasks on the list, it doesn't slice as well as the knife, dice as well as the foot processor, grate as well as the grater or julienne the fries the way you like them.  Believe it Read more
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Summer Variety for Dallas Videographer

Dallas Videographer's Summer is Full of Variety At this point of the summer break from school, moms are hearing a lot of complaints about boredom.  LeniCam, a Dallas Videographer Company, is anything but bored.  In fact, this summer has been full of new and unique projects. Brides Summer is bridal season for us and as usual, we've sent our videographers to many this year.  A trend we are seeing is a preference for wedding trailers over the more traditional highlight videos.  The trailers are shorter in length, have little to no relation to the order of the events and the activity in the Read more
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Bridal Show Time for Dallas Wedding Videographer

Tying the Knot? Come to the Bridal Show! Dallas Wedding Videographer Preparing for the Dallas Bridal Show at Market Hall Even though we've barely gotten our trade show paraphernalia back on the shelf from the Plano Centre Bridal Show, we're about to load it up again. Bridal Shows, Inc., which sponsors six different shows in the DFW Metroplex, will have its Dallas Bridal Show on July 25-26 at Dallas Market Hall.  This is the show-of-shows for the Dallas area, so LeniCam Video Productions, your Dallas Wedding Videographer, will be there to meet you. Exhibiting Excitement Dallas is an important city for Read more
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